Thursday, May 6, 2010

Walgreens coupon fiasco (OK, not really)

I was all set to head out to Walgreens today when I was suddenly exhausted - turns out having a back injury is not so fun. I decided to lay down for just a few minutes, but fell asleep for an hour and a half. By that time, J. was heading home, so he decided to come with me on my coupon adventure. I normally leave him at home because he really doesn't have the patience for couponing.

Let me tell you, disorganization is the downfall of a coupon girl. I am still in the middle of getting my new coupon binder in order, but need to get more pages - too many coupons, not enough room! So, I still haven't clipped this week's coupons. Before leaving for Wags, I clipped the ones I knew I was going to use. Newbie mistake #1 - never leave coupons behind. Because if you do, that's the one time you are going to want them.

Part of my plan today was to take advantage of Wag's register rewards deal with Nivea - Spend $15, get $5 back in Register Rewards (henceforth called RR's). Combining this with the awesome high value $4/1 Nivea woman's body wash makes this a money maker. I had planned on buying two women's body washes at $5.59 and one men's body wash at $3.99 (there were also $3/1 Nivea Men's body wash coupons in the paper). This would equal $15.17 before coupons, allowing me to get the RR.

When I got to the store, it became clear that I needed a plan B. All the $3.99 mens washes were sold out, and there was only 1 women's body wash at $5.59. There were however, other women's body washes that were on sale for $4.79. I whipped out my iphone calculator to add it up - Yep, 2 of the $4.79 washes + 1 $5.59 washes = $15.17. Perfect! But wait. I had only brought 2 coupons with me for the women's wash. I had 2 more at home. So, I had to ask the cashier (my new best friend) to hold them for me while I ran home to get my coupons. J. thinks I'm crazy. But hey, I don't hear him complaining while he uses his endless supply of shampoo, razors, shaving cream, deodorant and body wash!

See my walgreen's trip in my next post, this one is too long already!

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