Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I wonder if Walgreens missed me?

I'm back!  After several disappointing weeks at Wags, followed by me taking a mini vacation that caused me to forget to both buy newspapers AND use my Register Rewards before they expired, I'm back in the saddle.  Yes, that's right, I am guilty of letting my precious RRs expire.  So sad.  Luckily for me, Wags seems to be getting it together and offered some great deals this week. 
OOP: .84 cents
Saved: $25.20
RRs Used: $11
RRs Earned: $10

Note: I started out with a $5 RR from this scenario: Buy 2 Vicks Nyquils at 2/$10 - I used 2x $1.50/1 from 8/29 PG.  Paid $7 - Got back a $5 RR.

Transaction #1
Impruv Lotion  ($4.99 Sale)
Colgate Advanced ($2.99 Sale)
Butterfinger Pumpkin (.59 cents) Filler

Used Coupons:
$2/1 Impruv Lotion from HERE
$1/1Colgate from Diabetes and You Magazine (in Wags pharmacy)
WAGS in ad coupon for butterfinger pumpkin took off .20 cents

Used $5 RR from Vicks
Paid .37 cents
Got $4 RR for Impruv and $2 RR from Colgate

Transaction #2
2x Chex Mix (.99 cents each Sale)
Carmex Lotion (4.99 Sale)

Used Coupons:
.50/1 chex mix from 8/8 GM ( I thought I had another, but couldn't find it)
Used $4 RRimpruv and $2 RR colgate
Paid .47 cents

Got back $4 RR Carmex

I was surprised and pleased that my Wags was well stocked on everything on my list.  I plan on going back tomorrow for another transaction, but it is a bit more complicated,. and I didn't want to do it since I had J with me.  He gets antsy.  Plus, I don't like to do too many transactions in one trip, if possible.  I was soo happy to get the Chex mix, since J is constantly harassing me for Chex mix when it is full price.  I realize from this description it sounds like I'm talking about my kid, but I'm not.  He's my boyfriend.

Anyway, I am glad to be back in the coupon swing of things!