Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Albertson's doublers, and why you should ALWAYS check your receipt!

I actually ended up at Albies twice today, not on purpose.  Earlier in the day I stopped in and decided to take advantage of the last day of doublers. I got:

Tostitos Chips (Sale $2.99)
Friskies Cat Treats (Sale $1.49)
Orville Cheddar Popcorn ($3.19)
2 packs Angus Round Steak (BOGO $4.74)

Used Coupons:
$1/1 Tostitos Peelie
$1/1 Friskies Cat Treats
.75/1 Orville Cheddar Popcorn
Used Doublers for all three
Spent: $6.91
Saved: $12.57

The popcorn was NOT a good deal, since it was not on sale, and even with the doubler it was still $1.69.  I stood in the aisle awhile trying to decide if I should get it, and then I just decided to do it.  You may wonder why I keep buying cat treats.  Although I love my cats, the reason i have been buying them is that they are money making cat treats!  With the doubler I was getting .51 cent overage toward the rest of my bill!  Sweet!  I keep telling my cat's that they need to start making money.... so I think this is the best they are going to do :)

Now, when I paid I thought that my total was a bit high, but I figured it was because of the meat.  When I got out to my car, I reviewed the receipt and realized that I was charged for 2 bags of chips, not one.  So, my total was $9.90 when it should have been $6.91.  I went back in the store, explained what happened to customer service, and they refunded my $3.00.  So, the moral of the story is ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your receipt.  Those scanners can be sensitive and accidentally scan an item without you or the checker noticing.  Sometimes we are so wrapped up with our coupons that we might not notice it at the register.  You also want to check your receipt to make sure all of your coupons were deducted correctly.  It is alot easier to do this while you are still at the store rather than when you get home.  You are much less likely to go back to the store and get your money back if you are already home.  Because, what is the point of saving all of this money if you are paying for things you didn't even buy?

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