Sunday, May 30, 2010

FREE at Albertsons!

Yep, that's right - $0.00 out of pocket!
Total Savings: $38.07
Trans #1
4x Sweet Baby Rays (Sale $1.00 Each)
2xWeber Seasoning (Sale $1.00 Each)
Used 2 $1/2 Sweet Baby Rays from 5/23 SS
Used $1/2 Webers seasoning from 5/23 SS
Used doublers for all 3
Used FREE coupon for Kraft Mac and cheese Explosion (from Kraft First Taste summer sampler)
Total: FREE

Trans #2
4x Sweet Baby Rays (Sale $1.00 Each)2xWeber Seasoning (Sale $1.00 Each)
Used 2 $1/2 Sweet Baby Rays from 5/23 SS
Used $1/2 Webers seasoning from 5/23 SS
Used doublers for all 3
Total = FREE!

Coupon madness at Wags - Saved: $125.51!

Total OOP: $2.40
Saved:  $125.51 !!!!!
Started with $8.00 in RR
Ended with  $12.00 in RR

If you have been reading my blog for the past few weeks, you know that I have been very excited about this week at Walgreens.  Luckily, I was not disappointed.  I started early at my favorite Wags, where I did 3 transactions.  I started to feel weird about doing too many transactions, and I wanted to check on some Coppertone clearance at my least favorite Wags, so I just drove right over there (obsessive?  Yes).  I was once again reminded why it is my least favorite Wags.  Although it is only a few miles away from the Walgreens I regularly go to, they are like two completely different stores.  I don't think they realize how much they are shooting themselves in the foot by being so coupon UN-friendly.  SO, the Coppertone clearance deal didn't work out - they had 2 Coppertone continuous sprays on clearance marked at $4.99.  These have been on clearance for a few months, I've been watching them.  However, they would not use the in ad coupon on them ($4.00 off) because they were on clearance.  I stated that the ad does not specify no clearance, but it was a no go.  I politely said that I would just not get them, and I got my other free stuff.  Seriously, you would think they would just want to get them off the shelves.

Later in the day we went to J's Grandma's, and she lives by yet another Walgreens, so I decided to swing in and try the Neutrogena Money Maker that was posted over on Wild for Wags.  And while I was there, pick up a few more freebies!  Here's the breakdown:

Store #1
Transaction #1
Luster Power White Toothpaste (Sale $5.00)
Kotex U Tampons (Sale $3.49)
Ecotrin Aspirin (Sale $2.00)
W Aluminum Foil (in ad coupon made it .59 cents)

Used Coupons:
$2/1 Ecotrin Aspirin (Free!)
$1/1 Kotex U
Used $8.00 RR from Complete Solution last week
Paid .08 cents OOP
Got:  $5 RR Luster, $2.50 RR Kotex, $2 RR Ecotrin (money maker!)

Transaction #2
Rejuvacare Beautiful Skin Supplement (Sale $9.99)
2x Royal Gelatin (in ad coupon makes them .20 cents each)

Used $5 RR Luster, $2.50 RR Kotex, $2 RR Ecotrin
Paid .89 cents OOP
Got $10.00 RR Rejuvacare

Transaction #3

Luster Power White Toothpaste (Sale $5.00)
Kotex U Tampons (Sale $3.49)
Ecotrin Aspirin (Sale $2.00)
W Aluminum Foil (in ad coupon made it .59 cents)

$10.00 RR from Rejuvacare
Paid .08 OOP
Got: $5 RR Luster, $2.50 RR Kotex, $2.00 RR Ecotrin

Store #2
Transaction #1
Rejuvacare Beautiful Skin Supplement (Sale $9.99)
2x Royal Gelatin (in ad coupon makes them .20 cents each)

Used $5 RR Luster, $2.50 RR Kotex, $2 RR Ecotrin
Paid .89 cents OOP
Got $10.00 RR Rejuvacare

Transaction #2
Luster Power White Toothpaste (Sale $5.00)
Kotex U Tampons (Sale $3.49)
Ecotrin Aspirin (Sale $2.00)
W A-Z Multi Vitamin (Sale $2.00)
Nivea Tinted Lip Balm (Clearance $1.59)

Used Coupons:
$2/1 Ecotrin Aspirin (Free!)
$1/1 Kotex U
$1/1 Nivea Lipcare
Used $10.00 RR Rejuvacare
Paid .08 cents OOP
Got:  $5 RR Luster, $2.50 RR Kotex, $2 RR A-Z, $2 RR Ecotrin (money maker!)

Store #3
Transaction #1
3x Neutrogena Transparent Bar Soap (2.99 x3 = $8.97)
Ivory Taper Candle (.17 cents clearance)
Used: $5 RR Luster, $2 RR A-Z, $2 RR Ecotrin
Paid: .14 cents oop
Got $10.00 RR Neutrogena (money maker!)

Transaction #2
Rejuvacare Beautiful Skin Supplement (Sale $9.99)
Ivory Taper Candle (.17 cents clearance)
Used: $10.00 RR Neutrogena
Paid .16 cents oop
Got $10.00 RR Rejuvacare

Transaction #3
Luster Power White Toothpaste (Sale $5.00)
Kotex U Tampons (Sale $3.49)
W A-Z Multivitamin  (Sale $2.00)
W Aluminum Foil (in ad coupon made it .59 cents)
 Paid: .08 cents
$1/1 Kotex U
Used $10.00 RR Rejuvacare
Got:  $5 RR Luster, $2.50 RR Kotex, $2 RR A-Z

I still have more Kotex U coupons, so I might be going back later in the week.  It just depends on the supplies that the stores have.  I normally don't do this many transactions, or go to so many stores in one day.  It's just kind of how it worked out today, plus there was lots of stuff I wanted this week!

(Thanks to Wild for Wags!)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Get Ready for Sunday at Wags!

Are you getting ready for an awesome week at Walgreens?  I really think it's kind of funny how excited I am about this week.  I told J today that I had been looking forwards to this week at Wags for several weeks, which he seemed to find amusing.  Whatever, I love free stuff!  So, be sure you have your coupons together, especially the Ecotrin HERE and Kotex U HERE.  And get there early!  These freebies are GOOD and will go fast.  Get there BEFORE the Shelf Clearers (damn you, shelf clearers!)

$1/1 Starbucks Ready Brew

Go HERE to create a mug and get a $1/1 Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coupon.  I have not tried it, and I am not really a fan of instant coffee...but I hear that VIA is the best instant coffee out there.  I also have a .50/1 Via Target Coupon that I printed awhile ago - I looked at and I don't see it anymore, but if you have printed this one already you could combine them for a better deal.  I doubt I will do this unless I can get them for free, but there is always a chance!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Play Noodlette for Kraft mac and Cheese coupons!

Go HERE to spin the Noodlette Wheel and get a chance to win some mac and cheese coupons!  the regular Kraft Mac and Cheese is on Sale at Walgreens for .69 cents a box, so you can use your coupon for a some cheap mac and cheese.

Thanks Coupon Connections NW!

FREE Loaf of Silver Hills Bread!

If you live in the Northwest, You may be able to get a coupon for a FREE Loaf of Silver Hills Bread!  Go HERE to take a short survey, and get a coupon for a FREE loaf of bread!  Available to residence of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Montana and Canada.

FREE Boscia Products Tomorrow?

According to Boscia's Facebook Page: "Getting very excited to announce a HUGE Memorial Day Weekend promotion starting tomorrow! If you like free products, you'll LOVE this!"  Hmm, sounds like some freebies in out future!  If you didn't become a fan of them the other day, do it now HERE, and look for some free stuff tomorrow!

FREE iTunes downloads from Starbucks!

Starbucks has created an iTunes mix in celebration of their new frappuchino! Get 10 FREE downloads on iTunes - Just go to Starbucks Facebook page HERE and switch the filters to "Just Starbucks".  Then click on the link to downlaod the FREE songs!  Starbucks often offers free downloads, so if you are not yet a fan of them on facebook, I suggest you become one!

Albie's Doublers!

So excited about Albertson's Doublers coming up on Sunday.  I checked out the ad, and the two things that jumped out at me were FREE Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (Yes!) and FREE Weber Grill Seasoning.  Both are 10 for $10 - or $1 each.  Both have $1/2 Coupons.  Double those coupons, and get 2 FREE (per coupon!)  I am going to stock up, since I love BBQ sauce (as previously mentioned) and I love grilling.  Now if only I could get some free steak.....

(Thanks Coupon Connections NW!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FREE American Apparel Thong

GO HERE, sign up for the American Apparel emails newsletter and get a free thong!

Hip2Save, you are my hero.  I don't know how you do it.

FREE Mayo sample!

OMG, these freebies are killing me!  But I like it.  Ok.  Go HERE to sign up for 2 FREE Sample sized packets of Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo.

Thanks Again, Hip2Save, you sure are keeping me busy today!!

Wowsers, more free stuff!

This time it is for a FREE Smart Ones Scramble!  This is a new product, so woohoo!  Perfect timing for me, since I just made the decision to start eating healthy again, after several weeks off the wagon!  Go HERE to sign up for the Real Dish Community - it takes a minute, because you have to fill out a survey.

Thanks Hip2Save!

Bertolli Coupon back on Redplum!

Many people were unable to print the .75/1 Bertolli  Pasta Sauce coupon that was on on Sunday, including me.  Well, it's back, but now it's a $1.50/2 coupon.  So go over there right now and see if you can get it to print.   I don't know if it is just me or my computer, but I have all sorts of problems trying to print from  It took a few tries, but I was finally able to print this twice.  Good Luck!

Thanks, Totally Target!

FREE Dove Mens Care!

OK, it's Freebie Day, are you sick of it yet?  Go HERE to sign up for a FREE sample of Dove Men+Care.

Once again, Thank you Hip2Save.

Free Juice!

UPDATE:  Looks like this one is gone already too!  Hope you got it!

Lots of freebies today!  Become a fan of Genesis Today on facebook HERE and request a coupon for Free juice!  They will send the coupon in the mail.  I would not wait on this one, I bet they will run out fast!

Thanks again, Hip2Save!

FREE Sunscreen!

When you are as incredibly Irish as me, you need ALOT of sunscreen.  So, this is a good freebie for me!  Go HERE (click on the coupons tab) to like MagnaCare and request a FREE sample of their SPF 30 sunscreen!

Thanks Hip2Save!

FREE Donut on National Donut Day (ha!)

Did you know there is a National Donut Day?  Well, I didn't, but apparently there is.  And Dunkin Donuts is giving away a FREE Donut on June 4th when you buy a Coffee, Tea, Latte or Coolatta!  I don't have a Dunkin Donuts near me, which is either a blessing or a curse.

FREE deluxe packet of Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens!

UPDATE:  Looks like these are already gone.  Hope you got yours!
Go HERE to like Boscia Skin Care, sign up for their emails, and get a Free deluxe packet of their Green Tea Blotting Linens!

Thanks Hip2Save!

FREE sample of Crystal Light Pure Fitness!

Vocal Point is offering FREE samples of Crystal light Pure Fitness!  If you aren't a member of Vocal Point yet, I suggest that you join!  They are an online community and occasionally offer free samples.  After you try the sample you can tell them what you think of it!  I previously have gotten a puffs plus sample from them, and it was a nice size and came with a bunch of coupons!  Go HERE to join Vocal Point and sign up for your free sample!

Monday, May 24, 2010

12 cent soup at Target?

Thanks to Totally Target I just found out about these Campbell's Soup coupons.  $1/2 Campbell's Condensed "Great for Cooking" soups PRINT.  For a List of the "Great for Cooking" soups go HERE.  Looks like Totally Target is reporting Tomato Soup is on Price Cut for .62 cents!  Prices are sometimes regional, but this is worth checking out!

Thanks Totally Target!

FREE Ritz Samples

Go HERE to become a fan of Ritz on Facebook and request a FREE sample of Ritz Crackerfuls.  Ummm... Cheddar Cheese and Bacon.  I'm not sure about this.  Don't get me wrong, I love cheese, and I love bacon (who doesn't?) but not so sure about these crackers.  I will try them, and if I don't like them I bet J will!  (PS - this is why they send you free samples!)

Lifestyles of the ridiculously broke

So, yesterday I was very excited about the rumored coupons that were going to be in the inserts.  Sweet Baby Rays is my favorite commercial BBQ sauce (and BBQ sauce is my favorite condiment), plus the money making Noxzema razors, and the Smart Balance milk?  Super score.  I actually got an early start for once, but maybe it was too early.  I printed the Noxzema coupons from (after much difficulty, but my love/hate relationship with redplum will have to wait for another post), so I didn't need a paper before my Walgreens shopping.  I swung by Starbucks for my weekly recycle dive, but there were no papers in the recycle rack - maybe it was too early in the morning.

J and I went to his Grandma's later to take her to Walmart.  She gives me her inserts because she rarely uses them.  After flipping through them, I realized again that our town's paper gets the crappiest inserts!  I should have known by looking on the front of the papers: My Town's Paper: "$58 worth of coupon savings inside!" (wowserz)  The Big City Paper: "Over $165 worth of coupon savings inside!"... I don't know, which one would you choose?  So I knew I needed to get my hands on the Big City Paper.

The problem is, I have $3.00.  Like, to my name.  So, I obviously am not going to spend 2/3 of my fortune on a newspaper, and then only have one anyway, when I want 6.  Solution?  I've already told you my philosophy on "recycling" newspapers that no one purchased.  If they are going in the recycle bin, why should they go to waste?  Anyway, I ran to my favorite Starbucks right before they closed, and I asked their permission to peruse the recycle bin.  They girl had no problem with it.  I just want to make it clear that a.) I have permission to do this and b.) it is not gross in any way.  These newspapers are in a designated newspaper recycle bin.  The only thing in there is newspapers.  There is NO TRASH in there - I have a sort of aversion to trash.  But, to make a long story short, I ended up with 7 copies of the inserts!  Seven!  That is by far the most I've ever had.  I usually get 4 at the most.  Sadly, there was NO Noxzema or Smart Balance coupons in there :(  But, the most important coupon, Sweet Baby Ray's WAS.  So, I hope to have some free BBQ sauce in my future!

FREE Reusable Bag!

I love to keep these compact reusable bags in my purse!  That way I always have it with me, even on an unexpected shopping trip.   Anyway, here is a chance to request a FREE reusable bag!  Become a fan of One Bag One Earth on Facebook HERE, and then sign up for a free bag.  The link is on their page, in their last status update. (I don't think the cute bag in the picture is the free one, but isn't it super cute?)

And THIS is why you should get this reusable bag and USE it:

*off soapbox
Thanks to Mary and Colleen for the video!
Thanks to Smart N Savvy Savings for the free bag info!

Have you heard of Beyond the Rack?

Beyond the Rack is one of those shopping sites that has designer labels marked down up to 70% off, and usually only for a limited time, like 48 hours.  Go HERE if you want to check it out!  The merchandise changes regularly, so if you don't find anything you like, check back tomorrow!

Another site like this that I have joined is called Gilt Group.  It's pretty much exactly the same idea.  It is free to join, but they do say that you need an "invite" ( I guess to make it seem exclusive?)  If you want to check out Gilt Group, go HERE.  I honestly have never ordered from either site, although I read about Gilt Group on Kaboodle and people who had used it seemed pleased with it.

Thanks Krazycouponlady for the info on Beyond the Rack!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Walgreens .96 cents oop

Although I must admit I wasn't super excited about this week, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I went into the week with a $4.50 RR from Old Spice last week, and I left the store with an $8.00 RR and .96 OOP, so it was a money makin' week.  That's always good.  And this is all in preparation for next week.  I'm already putting scenarios together.  BUT, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Walgreens 5/23
Spent: .96 OOP
Saved $24.47
Used: $4.50 RR
Got: $8.00 RR
Total profit: $2.54

Transaction 1
Colgate Total 4oz Whitening Toothpaste (Sale $2.99)
Goody Ouchless Barrette (Sale $2.99)

Used Coupon:
$1/1 Colgate Total Toothpaste from Diabetes and You Magazine ( available FREE in the Walgreens pharmacy)
$4.50 RR from Old Spice
Total OOP: .48 cents
Got $2.00 RR from Colgate, $3.00 RR from Goody

Transaction 2
Complete Multi Purpose Contact Solution (Sale $7.99)
2x Hunts Tomato Sauce (Sale .25 cents each Filler)
2x Noxzema Bikini Shaver ($2.99, BOGO)

Used Coupons:
$2/1 Complete Contact Solution from 5/16/10RP
2x $2/1 Noxzema Spa Shave Razor (Includes Bikini Shaver 3-pack) PRINT or from 5/23/10 RP
Used $3.00 RR from Goody and $2.00 RR from Colgate
Total OOP .48 cents
Got $8.00 RR from Complete Solution

The Complete Solution and the Noxzema shavers were both money makers!  The Complete Solution was a freebie already (Sale $7.99, get back $8.00 RR) but the $2/1 Coupon made it a money maker.  The Noxzema razors were BOGO, but I was able to use a $2/1 coupon for both items - Since they were priced at $2.99, one was free, and I got $4.00 off, I had $1.01 in overage toward my other items (Thanks SO MUCH WildforWags for the heads up on that one!)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Target trip 5/22

Went to Target to check see what I could do about those B3G1 coupons.  I decided to hold off on the 100 calorie packs, because my coupons are good through the end of the month and I needed to keep my OOP low.  Note: there was tons of new clearance in grocery, so you might want to keep your eyes peeled for that.  I noticed boxes of Quaker instant oatmeal high fiber on clearance for $1.77 (Use the $1/1 Coupon HERE to make this only .77 cents), coffee-mate to go sticks on clearance for .86 cents to $1.01 (Go HERE to get coffee mate coupons, or use the .50/1 Coffee Mate powdered creamer from the 5/2/10 SS)

I ended up getting 4 packages of Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat, a clearance bonus pack of Nivea bodywash, and some coffee filters.
Spent $3.36
Saved $12.89

 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat ($2.89 each)

2x  $2/1 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat (facebook coupon, no longer available)
1x $1/1 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat (, no longer available)
Target Mobile coupon $1/1 Oscar Mayer Luncheat (go HERE to sign up for Target Mobile)
Target Coupon "Buy 3 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats, get 1 Free" PRINT
Total: $2.67 or .67 cents each

Nivea Body Wash (Clearance $3.84)
Used $4/1 Nivea Women's Body Wash from 5/2/10 RP
Making it FREE plus .16 cents overage!

Coffee Filters .85 cents
No coupons :(  But those were pretty cheap!

Free kitty treats and almost free Meghan treats

I ran out earlier today to redeem my FREE Halo cat treats coupon at Petco (see my post HERE for details), and also decided to hit up Walgreens for a few things.  Sadly, they were out of the Stride gum I was planning on getting for free, but I did grab 4 Hershey Special Dark bars for only .36 cents.

4 Hershey Special Dark Bars (reg .80 cents each)
Used 2 BOGO coupons from 4/18/10 SS
Used Wags in ad Q for Hershey Chocolate .49 cents each (took off $1.22)
Total OOP: .36 cents or .09 cents each!
Saved $2.82

(please note, this is the last day to do this deal)

FREE NeilMed Neti Pot is back!

If you didn't get a chance to request a FREE Neti Pot last time, the offer is back. Go HERE to become a facebook fan and  request yours.  This offer is for new fans only, and limited to one per household.  These things kind of freak me out, but I guess they are wonderful for people with allergies.  Since J has terrible allergies, I requested one for him last time.  We haven't gotten it yet, but hopefully will soon!

Friday, May 21, 2010

FREE cat or dog treats!

Go HERE to sign up for Halo's Newsletter, and then you will be emailed a coupon for a FREE bag of Halo Healthsome Dog or Cat treats!  My cats are starting to think that they get treats all the time, just because we seem to have an endless supply of them.

Thanks, Hip2Save!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Print this coupon now for a Money Maker at Wags!

So, the last few weeks at Wags have been kind of so-so.  What I am really excited about is the week of 5/30 (not next week but the week after).  Remember when I told you to print and hang onto your Kotex U coupons?  Well, that is only ONE of the exciting deals at Wags that week.
As I wrote about HERE, with a $1/1 coupon you will be able to get FREE Kotex U:
Buy 1 Kotex U for $3.49, get a $2.50 RR
Use $1/1 Coupon from HERE, pay $2.49 and get back a $2.50 RR!
(PS, this might have reset, because I was just able to print TWO MORE coupons!)
A great money maker is the Ecotrin Low Strength 45 count aspirin -$2.00, get a $2.00 RR
Print this $2/1 coupon HERE to make it a $2.00 Money Maker!  Sweet!
I'm also excited about another freebie, the Luster 7 Power White or Sensitive Toothpaste, $5.00 Get a $5.00 RR back!  I  requested a sample a week or two ago, so I am hoping that I might get it before 5/30, and that it will come with a coupon to make this a money maker.  But even if it doesn't, it's a great freebie that I can't wait to try!

Thanks to I Heart Wags for this info!

A note about the Kraft Rebate

If you did receive your Kraft First Taste Summer Sampler like I did, then you might have noticed a rebate form for $10 back when you spend $30 on Kraft Foods between 5/23-6/13.  I was going to be excited about this if it was calculated BEFORE coupons, because with all the Target BxGO coupons, this was possibly going to be a money maker.  I called the Kraft customer service and sadly was told that the $30 is calculated AFTER coupons.  I don't think I'll be spending $30 on Kraft during that time period.  But if you will be, it is still a good rebate!

Finally, a great mail day!

Wow, I had such a great mail day!  The last few days have been very disappointing mail days, so I'm very excited.  This morning I finally got my delivery from Tulle, and got a super cute dress and necklace that I ordered a few weeks ago - they were having a fantastic sale and I only spent $7.48 plus shipping!

Then later I checked the mail and had received my Kraft First Taste summer sampler.  If you haven't joined Kraft First Taste yet, I highly suggest you do!  This sampler is no longer available, but they will often have other promos and freebies.  My sampler included 4 1.25 oz bags of Wheat Thins Sun Dried Tomato and Basil, 3 packets of General Foods International Vanilla Caramel Latte, a coupon for a FREE box of Kraft macaroni and cheese explosion, and a coupon for a FREE package of Oscar Mayer lunchmeat!  I'm pretty excited about that last one because I am going to try and combine it with the Target B3G1 coupon for some super cheap lunchmeat.

I also got the sample of Hugo that I ordered for J awhile back, and my earthbound farms reusable shopping bag, along with some earthbound farms coupons.  Sweet!

Socializing while Broke

One of the hardest parts about being broke (aside from not being able to buy food or pay your bills on time) is that it becomes difficult to find activities to do while spending time with your friends.  Coffee, dinner, drinks, movies, shopping - all of the things that we might normally do with our friends are suddenly way too expensive.  It can be embarrassing sometimes when your friend asks you if you want to get together for dinner, and you don't have a dollar to your name.  But the truth is, being broke doesn't mean that you can't go out and have a good time with the girls. 

First, be honest with your friends.  There's nothing wrong with saying "I really want to spend some time with you, but I'm pretty short on cash.  Can we do something cheap or free?"  Your friend wants to spend time with you, and chances are, she won't care if you do an inexpensive activity.  She might even appreciate it - most people are pretty cash strapped these days!

Here are a few ideas of fun ways to spend an afternoon or evening:

Discount Movie Theaters:   Discount Movie Theaters are a great way to go out to a movie without breaking the bank.  They are usually slightly older movie theaters that show slightly older movies - ones that are out of the regular theaters, but haven't made it to DVD yet.  The theater in my area costs $1.25-$2.00 per ticket.  You can google "discount movie theater" to find out if you have one in your area!
If you absolutely must see a new movie before it gets to the bargain theater, many theaters have a reduced ticket for the first show of the day.  At the full priced theater in my town, the adult evening ticket is $7.50, but the early bird special (first matinee of the day) is only $5.00! 

Cool, refreshing freebies:  Keep your eyes peeled for deals on food and drinks.  Right now you can print up to two coupons for a free sparkling limeade at Taco Bell HERE - no purchase required!  You can also grab a coupon for BOGO frappachinos at Barnes & Noble.  And of course, as I talked about HERE, you might be able to earn yourself a FREE coffee through Starbucks Rewards.  I plan on using my free drink coupon tomorrow when I get together with my friend Morgan.  Also, if you buy packaged Starbucks Coffee, you can bring your empty bag in for a free tall drip coffee.  There are lots of ways to get free or cheap drinks, and you may even be able to treat your friend to a free drink!

Happy Hour:   With the recession taking a hard hit on the restaurant industry, I am seeing great happy hours popping up all over the place.  P.F. Changs has a great one.  During their happy hours, all of their appetizers are half off.  You and your party could split a few half price appetizers and leave feeling full and happy (and not broke!).  You might want to call your local location to make sure they are participating and find out what time their happy hour runs.
I also just discovered a web site called - you can enter your zip code and a list of local restaurants will come up with all of the happy hour info.  The info includes what time the special is running, the prices of drinks, and whether or not free food is offered.  I am not sure how accurate this site is, but the phone number of each restaurant is listed, so you could easily call to confirm.

Host a "girls dinner":  My girlfriends and I take turns hosting a monthly "girls dinner".  Not only is it a great way to make sure you keep in touch with people after everyone's lives have gotten so busy, but it can also be a great way to have a fun night without spending alot of money.  Each month, the hostess will chose a theme or main dish, and then the guests will bring everyone else.  For example, the hostess might make lasagna, and one guest will bring bread, one will bring salad, one will bring drinks, and one will bring dessert.  There is less work for the hostess to do, and everyone chips in a little.  Just make sure everyone communicates so that all of the parts of the dinner are covered and you don't end up with 5 desserts (although that might be OK).

Research some free activities in your neighborhood!  Now that spring is here, there are lots of free outdoor activities like hiking or even just taking a walk in the park.  What about planning a fun picnic to a local park?  Also, many art museums have free admission, either all of the time of on certain days.  The Portland Art Museum has free admission on Friday nights from 5-9pm.  Check with your local museum or art gallery to find out if they have free admission at any time.

When you start to look, there are plenty of free activities out there.  What it's really about is spending some quality time with the people we care about.  So get out there and find some fun and free stuff to do!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FREE Limeade sparkler at Taco Bell

Go HERE to print out a coupon for a FREE Taco Bell limeade sparkler!  Offer is limited to the first 500,000, so hurry!

And even more Albertsons

Seriously.  After I got home with my steak, J and I decided to make fajitas, which meant I had to go BACK to the store to get a few more things.  This is when I can't WAIT for my stockpile to be bigger.  Being broke means that it is harder (slower) to build a stockpile, and you end up having to buy just what you need when you need it.  The problem with that is that you often end up paying much more than you should have to for certain items.  For example:  I needed Fajita seasoning, tortillas, guacamole, onion, and bell pepper.  I had NO coupons for fajita seasoning OR tortillas (at least, not the brands that they had at Albertsons.)  The cheapest fajita seasoning I could find on sale was $1.00 - when I know that I will be able to get it for free-.50 cents when a good sale and coupon comes along.  On top of that, the cheapest tortillas I could find were $1.99 - and a few weeks ago, I got a pack of tortillas for FREE at Albertsons!  If only I had stocked up on a few extra, but I wasn't thinking about stockpiling (also, I only had 2 coupons).  Now that I have been couponing for awhile, it pains me to pay this much for food.  But, we need to eat, so I did it.  Bell peppers were $2.49 each, holy crap!  But the green ones were only .99, so I went for those ( even though I usually buy red or orange) - and yellow onions were $1.29/lb, vs. $1.99/lb for white or red.  At least I got the guac for a good price with a coupon and doubler (Cheaper than an avocado!), and I bought the treats again for overage.
Paid: $5.22
Saved: $5.59

Taco Bell Fajita seasoning (Sale $1.00)
Don Pancho Tortillas (Sale $1.99)
Bell Pepper (.99 cents)
Yellow Onion (.76 cents)
Wholly Guacamole ($2.99)
Friskies Treats: (Sale $1.49)

Used coupons:
$1/1 Wholly Guacamole (SS 5/16)
$1/1 Friskies Cat treats
Doubled both

More Albertson's doublers, and why you should ALWAYS check your receipt!

I actually ended up at Albies twice today, not on purpose.  Earlier in the day I stopped in and decided to take advantage of the last day of doublers. I got:

Tostitos Chips (Sale $2.99)
Friskies Cat Treats (Sale $1.49)
Orville Cheddar Popcorn ($3.19)
2 packs Angus Round Steak (BOGO $4.74)

Used Coupons:
$1/1 Tostitos Peelie
$1/1 Friskies Cat Treats
.75/1 Orville Cheddar Popcorn
Used Doublers for all three
Spent: $6.91
Saved: $12.57

The popcorn was NOT a good deal, since it was not on sale, and even with the doubler it was still $1.69.  I stood in the aisle awhile trying to decide if I should get it, and then I just decided to do it.  You may wonder why I keep buying cat treats.  Although I love my cats, the reason i have been buying them is that they are money making cat treats!  With the doubler I was getting .51 cent overage toward the rest of my bill!  Sweet!  I keep telling my cat's that they need to start making money.... so I think this is the best they are going to do :)

Now, when I paid I thought that my total was a bit high, but I figured it was because of the meat.  When I got out to my car, I reviewed the receipt and realized that I was charged for 2 bags of chips, not one.  So, my total was $9.90 when it should have been $6.91.  I went back in the store, explained what happened to customer service, and they refunded my $3.00.  So, the moral of the story is ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your receipt.  Those scanners can be sensitive and accidentally scan an item without you or the checker noticing.  Sometimes we are so wrapped up with our coupons that we might not notice it at the register.  You also want to check your receipt to make sure all of your coupons were deducted correctly.  It is alot easier to do this while you are still at the store rather than when you get home.  You are much less likely to go back to the store and get your money back if you are already home.  Because, what is the point of saving all of this money if you are paying for things you didn't even buy?

Free Panty at Vicki's Secret!

So, sometimes a freebie isn't really free. Like this Victoria's Secret giveaway. They had a FREE panty with any purchase (coupon found HERE while supplies last!)
I am so used to Bath and Body Works that I just thought I could easily find something for a dollar or two. No such luck. VS has NO clearance to be found ( I guess they stash it away for their semi-annual sales?) - And the CHEAPEST thing I found was a tin of mints for $3.00! I ended up getting a small body spray that smells really good for $6.00, but really, this was probably not the wisest purchase. Oh well, the undies are worth $8.50, so getting them free was pretty great. And I really don't remember the last time I bought myself something fun, so I'm calling it good :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Safeway 5/17 $9.49 OOP

Saved: $29.42

4 boxes Fiber One Bars (Reg Price $3.99, Sale Price $1.50 wyb 4)
4 Boxes Capt'n Crunch (Reg Price $3.49, Sale Price $1.00 wyb 4)
1 pack 12 double Rolls Cottonelle Ultra (Reg Price $8.99, Sale Price $6.99)

Used Coupons:
2x .50/2 Fiber One Bars from (no longer available)
2x .50/1 Capt'n Crunch Cereal PRINT
Used Safeway Doubler for all 4 coupons = $2.00
Used Catalina that printed after buying Fiber one bars:
$4.00 (!!!) off one 12 pack of Cottonelle Ultra
(Which made the Cottonelle $2.99!)

Target 5/17

Total: 7.49
10 Yoplait Light Yogurts (Sale Price 10 for $5.00)
Used Coupons:
$1/8 Yoplait Yogurts From Eat Better America Booklet
$1/10 Target Catalina Coupon (this printed on a different shopping trip, and I think was random)

Bella Serra Pinto Grigio
(On Clearance for $4.54, original price $6.49)

Spent: $7.49
Saved $4.20

Clearance Wine at Target!

Woo Hoo! I found a huge end cap full of clearance wine at Target. Many bottles were around $5.00-6.00. I got a bottle of Bella Serra Pinot Grigio for $4.54!

Capt'n Crunch Crusade Continues!

Wow, you would not believe the trouble I went through to get that Capt'n Crunch. First, as I whined about yesterday, I was unable to get the .50/1 coupon that was supposed to come in the Redplum. Then My Coupon Rival took all the inserts. THEN I ran out of ink - after wasting one of my prints on and realizing that I was running out of ink. THEN I remembered that my old printer still has ink in it, so was able to print one good coupon. I still cut out the coupon I printed with not enough ink, in hopes that I would still be able to use it. So, I only had 2 coupons, but I was going to make the best of it, and use the Safeway doubler to at least get 4 boxes for $2.00 - still, a really good deal (but not free, dang it!). So I FINALLY get to Safeway, coupons in hand, and guess what I found?

Yes. Not a BOX of Peanut Butter Capt'n Crunch in sight. Oh, yeah, did I mention that it is only the Peanut Butter Capt'n Crunch I wanted? You all should know by now how much I love peanut butter. So, I asked customer service to check and see if there was any in the back (My Coupon Rival had probably just come with her 20 capt'n crunch coupons that she took ALL of and bought ALL of the PB CC. Betch). No, none in the back. So, they called another store, and THANK GOD, they had it. And I didn't mind driving over there. At this point it had become a Vendetta. A Vendetta for Capt'n Crunch. Also, it was near Target, where I was planning on going anyway.

So, thinking that my problems were over, I drove happily to the other Safeway, when suddenly I start to notice a bunch of construction guys. And some machinery. And, oh, the intersection that I have to turn left at to get to Safeway is BLOCKED OFF! Can you believe it? Is God trying to tell me that I should not buy Capt'n Crunch? Well, really, he shouldn't have made it so hard for me to get it, because that just made me want it more. I took a detour through the Walgreens parking lot ( OK, I did stop and go into Walgreens to see if they had a clearance deal posted on WILDFOR WAGS, but no, they didn't, so that doesn't count), made an illegal left turn (is it illegal if the two cars in front of you do it too? They were all trying to get to the same place as me) - And finally made it to Safeway, got my cereal, and was even able to use my crappy half printed coupon WITH doublers, to get 4 boxes for $2.00. Or .50 cents a box. I actually CHEERED when the cashier told me my total. She must have thought I was crazy.

Tentative Target coupon ideas?

So, I'm not that great at creating my own matchups yet, and I'm not sure if these will work or not. I might try them out and then let you know. But here are my ideas for a few of the new BxGo coupons on
(I'm not sure about this one, I don't know if it will work on they Turkey bacon or only regular bacon - I'm not sure if the turkey Bacon package is 1 lb)
Target Web Coupon:
FREE 1 lb Oscar Mayer Bacon package wyb 3 1 lb Oscar Mayer Bacon Package
Deal Scenario:
Buy 4 Packages of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon
Use coupons:
2 $1/1 Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon PRINT
FREE Turkey Bacon from Kraft First Taste ( I signed up for this back on May 6th - I haven't gotten mine yet, but I heard other people got theirs today, so should be here soon)
FREE Oscar Mayer Bacon Target Web coupon

IF this scenario works (again, not sure if it will) You would get 4 packages for the cost of 2, minus $2.00 - For example, if the Turkey Bacon was $3.00 a package, you would get 4 packages for $4.00 or $1.00 a package! If anyone does this, will they let me know it it works? I will try it out once I get my FREE first taste coupon, and let you know if it does.

Deal scenario #2:
Target Web Coupon FREE 7oz or more Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat Coupon wyb 3 7oz Oscar Mayer lunchmeats (Current Price $2.94)
Buy 4 Packages
Use 2 $2/1 coupons from Oscar Mayer Facebook page (no longer available)
Use FREE Oscar Mayer lunchmeat coupon from Kraft First Taste Summer Sampler Packet (if you got that and chose that item)
Use 4 $1/1 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat PRINT (Use one coupon for each item)
Use FREE Target B3G1 coupon
Also use Target Mobile $1/1 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat coupon (if allowed)
Total: As low as .22 cents a package if you have both FREE and both $2 off coupons, as well as mobile Q. If you have only 4 $1/1 Q's, then your total would be $1.20 a package (still really good!)

Nabisco 100 Cal packs:
Use 1 Target Web Free Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack wyb 3 100 calorie packs
Use 2 BOGO Nabisco 100 Calorie packs from HERE
(Must become a fan on Facebook. Print it twice by hitting the back button after you print it the first time)

Get 4 for the price of one!

Whew. This is why I don't do matchups. It's hard, and really, I'm still a newbie, so I'm never sure if my scenario will work or not. But I will see if these work, and report back!

Found: Tear pad coupons for Nabisco Graham Crackers!

Just to let you know, be on the lookout for tear-pad coupons for Nabisco Graham crackers. I found them at Albertsons on a display right inside the front door. I grabbed a few. Now I just need a Hershey coupon to go with that "Buy Nabisco Graham Crackers and Hershey Chocolate and get Kraft Jet Puff Marshmallow's for Free" Promo going on at Walgreens. According to WildForWags, that promo will go through July, so I bet we will get a Hershey coupon before then, what do you think? Mmmm, I love s'mores.

$1 flip flops at Old Navy?

I read over on Debbie Does Coupons that Old Navy will have their flip flops on sale on May 22nd (that's this Saturday!) for $1!! That's a pretty great deal, so mark your calendars!

Thanks Debbie Does Coupons!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

FREE sample of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil!

FREE sample of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil! Go HERE to request your sample!

Thanks Hip2Save!

Coupon Competition

There is another coupon girl lurking in my neighborhood. And she's stealing my ideas. On my Sunday morning search for papers, I found that my regular Starbucks had again been ravaged of inserts (she accidentally left behind a Smart Source, but that's it). Then, tonight J and I decided to go on a mission to find thrown out Oregonians (it's not exactly dumpster diving, because they aren't in a dumpster...really, it's recycling). ALL of the inserts were mysteriously taken from the Sunday papers thrown in the Starbucks newspaper recycle bin, like those cows whose internal organs are removed by aliens.

Is anyone else unreasonably upset when they don't get a coupon they were expecting? I was SO looking forward to those FREE boxes of Capt'n Crunch. It's not even about the cereal, it's about the deal. I have one last hope of printing them on, but I have so much trouble printing from that site, and I would need to use another computer to get the four that I need. On top of that, I heard that Safeway will only take one internet printed coupon per transaction (which is totally weird, does anyone know if that is true?). And the cherry on top? I'm running out of ink. Blast! But, I will persevere. And I'm sure I will be posting about it soon!

Tons of new coupons on!

In addition to the great mobile coupons, there are TONS of new coupons on, including a bunch of Free items with purchase coupons (most are buy 3 get one free).

Go check them out!

New Target Mobile Coupons!

Hey! I got my Target Mobile coupons today, and I'm very excited. Do you get them? If not, go HERE and sign up!

The coupons I got today were:
$5 off a video Game $49.99 or higher
$10 off a Canon Camera
$1 off OFF! Mosquito Repellent
$1 off Oscar Mayer deli lunch meat or Kraft sliced cheese
$1 off Dove Body Wash

These are Target coupons, and they can be combined with a manufacturer coupon. I am MOST excited about the Oscar Mayer Deli meat coupon, because I have 2 $2/1 coupons that I posted about HERE (I hope you printed it, because I'm pretty sure it is no longer available!) - These can be combined for an awesome deal! (Note: The target mobile coupons can only be used once)

Also, the Dove coupon can be combined with a $1.25/1 coupon found HERE

Albertsons $1.97 OOP and some doubler ideas

OK, so I only got 3 things at Albies because they only let you do 3 doublers per trip, and I really have to keep my OOP low because I am freaking broke (surprised?). I will try to get back one or two more times before Wednesday to take advantage of the doublers.

The only things I paid for was the Smart Balance Milk, we really like it but it is really expensive (regularly $4.79 for a 1/2 gallon!)

Smart Balance Milk (Sale Price $3.99)
2 International Delight Creamers (Sale $1.99 each - coupon + doublers made these FREE!)

Used Coupons:
$1/1 Smart Balance Milk from HERE
2 $1/1 Int'l Delight Creamers (Facebook coupon, no longer available)
Used doubler coupons for each
Total Coupon Savings: $6.00
Total Preferred Savings: $1.60
Total Saved: $7.60
Total OOP $1.97

While I was there, I wrote down some good ideas for doublers:

Aside from the Smart Balance and the International Delight, which I thought were pretty great:

Yoplait Yogurt 10 for $5
Use $1 off from Eat Better America Booklet
Use Doubler
10 for $3.00 or .30 cents each!

Quilted Northern Toilet Paper
In ad coupon: 12 roll pack for $4.99
Use $1/1 coupon from - if you already printed it, no longer available :(
This is a MANUFACTURER COUPON but has the Target logo on it. Your store should accept it because it states Manufacturer coupon on it
This would make a 12 roll pack of quilted Northern $2.99!!

*Sorry guys, most of the coupons I used today are no longer available. If you don't have them, I hope you don't get discouraged! This just shows that it is always a good idea to print/clip coupons even if you aren't sure if you will use them. I am so glad I saved those international delight coupons! I was tempted to use them at Target to get a them for .57 cents each, but FREE is so much better!