Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's a good day to coupon

My first foray into grocery couponing went pretty well today. I have almost mastered the art of couponing at Walgreens, but still struggle when it comes to the grocery store. Last night I planned a trip to Walgreens, Safeway and Albertsons. I spent a total of $8.68 OOP and saved a total of $40.25 with sales and coupons. The only bump in my road was that my Red Plum did NOT come with the Capt'n Crunch coupon that I was planning on using at Safeway... Boo. But there is still hope, the coupon is available to print on, and also J and I might go in search of some abandoned Oregonians tonight (My local paper sometimes does not get all the good coupons, but our "Big City" paper, The Oregonian often does). I'm not giving up on cheap or free Capt'n Crunch!

This is everything I got for $8.68, but I will split these up by store in separate posts so you can see the details.

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