Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some days are better than others

Yesterday was a bit frustrating in the coupon department. Target was a total bust. I had read about the Schick money maker at Totally Target and thought I would go do it, and use the gift card to pick up a few other good deals. Sadly, when I got there, all the $6.99 razors were sold out. :/ Not only that, but the turkey bacon I was planning on getting (Sale $1.99, - $1/1 coupon) was not there either. Fail.

Next stop was Walgreens. I knew that my favorite Walgreens was sold out of the EOS shave cream, because I had grabbed the last one on Sunday. I decided to go to a much less coupon friendly location, because they tend to put limits on how many free items people can buy. Although this can be annoying, it usually means that they have items when my normal Wags is sold out. Keep in mind this is only Monday afternoon. Upon arriving I discover that they are also sold out of the EOS shave cream (seriously, what is the point of a free promotion if you sell out on the first day?) I had a few RR's that were about to expire, so since I couldn't use them on the shave cream I just decided to get some snacky things that J. was suggesting (it's really like shopping with a 3 year old. The other reason I usually leave him at home). We ended up getting a bag of Lay's potato chips (on sale, at least, for $1.99) 3 boxes of movie theatre candy, another Schick razor, and a filler item (.64 cent headbands). I spent $7 RR's (4 that were about to expire) and came away with $5 RR's, so not too bad I guess.

I'm probably done wags shopping for the week, because the only RR I have right now is the Schick, and that is the only thing would buy. If I could switch between the Schick and the EOS I could make a good profit, but since they are sold out all over town, it looks like a no go. I'll just save my RR for next week! And I will check back with my Target to see if I can use my last 2 Schick $5/1 coupons to do that money maker, if they get them back in stock.

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