Monday, May 10, 2010

I heart Starbucks

I got my free drink card in the mail today from Starbucks. So far this year I have received 4 free drinks from being in their rewards program. Have you registered your gift card at Starbucks yet? If not you are throwing your money away! To learn more about Starbucks rewards program go HERE
Basically, you earn a star for every drink that you purchase on the gift card. There are three reward levels: Welcome level, Green and Gold. You start out at the welcome level, and after 5 stars (drinks), you get to green level. This is a good level, because at this point you get free syrups and soy milk when you use your card, and a free drink for your birthday. After 15 stars at this level, you reach gold status. This is the best, because when you are here you earn a free drink for every 15 stars. I get alot of Starbucks gift cards from friends and family, because they know how much I love Starbucks. I always register my cards right away. Even if I don't currently have a gift car, but I have a few extra bucks that I am planning on splurging on coffee, I will use that money to reload my card, and then purchase my drinks on the rewards card.

Right now, make your money go further at Starbucks! From May 7th-May 16th they are having half price happy hour from 3-5pm on their new any way you like it frappachinos!

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