Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some thoughts about couponing.

When I was at Target earlier, explaining my money making scrubbing bubbles deal to J., one thing he said to me was "But, we really don't need cleaning stuff right now." It's really hard for him to wrap his mind around stocking up on things while they are cheap or free so that you don't have to buy them at full price when you do need them. Of course, being a borderline hoarder, the concept is not new to me. I have always stocked up on gift wrap and cards when they were on clearance, and love to hit the after holiday sales to get next year's decorations for 50-90% off.

Of course, it's a fine line when you are truly broke. If you have no money, can you really afford to "stock up"? The answer, for me, has been varied. Sometimes I just have to pass up an awesome deal, because even if the item is free online, you still have to pay shipping fees, and I literally have no money in my bank account. Sometimes there is a screaming good deal, but I just can't afford it. Other times, I can justify spending a few dollars to buy something that I need, or will need in the near future. Today was a great example. Did I need scrubbing bubbles today? No. But I did need laundry soap. And today I spent the same amount of money (Or less) and not only got laundry soap, but was able to stock up on a few other essentials.

There are other times, of course, where being broke just gets to you, and you just HAVE to spend money on something fun, even if you really can't afford it -or maybe I just have low willpower? Either way, at least now I am able to splurge now and then, and get more for my money. Yesterday when I discovered a great sale at, I was able to score a cute dress and necklace for only $7.98. Oh, and today I took advantage of Pier 1's Easter being 90% off - and spent under $5.00 on $66.00 worth of merchandise. This is what happens when a shopaholic is broke. She turns to couponing.

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