Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adventures in couponland

As I wrote yesterday, I was planning on getting up early to go to Walgreens since there were some great deals going this week. You know how the early bird catches the worm? Well, the early coupon girl catches the deal. But this morning I decided I would rather sleep than rush to Walgreens at 9am, so I did. I finally got out of the house at around 11:30.

My first mission was to obtain some newspapers. When you are broke, the last thing you want to do is spend your last 2 dollars on a newspaper, so I ran to Starbucks to see if I could find any newspapers laying around. I have successfully obtained up to 4 free newspapers at Starbucks before. See, people will buy a paper, and sit and read it while they drink their coffee. Then, they put it in a magazine rack next to the brand new newspapers to be recycled. Then it goes in a recycle bin. Why should these perfectly good newspapers go to waste, and why should I spend $8.00 on 4 newspapers when I can get some for free? So, I went to Starbucks, but as I said, it was a late start. Apparently some OTHER coupon girl had gotten there first, because there was only a partial newspaper in the recycle rack, and there were NO inserts to be found in it. I ended up buying one newspaper with part of a Starbucks gift card. So, I only had one copy of the Smart Source.

My next stop was Walgreens, where I was lucky enough to still find some Schick Razors and also grab the very last EOS shave cream. Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE my Walgreens? The manager rang me up, and he is super coupon friendly. But I will describe my Walgreens trip in more detail in my next post. As I said, I only had one copy of the paper, so I could only grab on razor. But still, a good trip.

On my way home, I decided to swing by a different Starbucks, just to see if they had any recycled newspapers lying around. This is not my regular Starbucks, so I was sort of nervous. I had these visions of being run out of the store by angry Starbucks employees shaking their fists, asking me what I thought I was doing. I stealthily looked through the recycle rack, and grabbed 2 more Smart Source inserts. Score! And no one even yelled at me.

I will get my 4th copy of the paper later today when we go to J's Grandma's. She usually gives me her ads, because she doesn't use them. There is also a Walgreens near her house, so I might stop in and see if I can grab another razor or 2!

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