Monday, May 24, 2010

Lifestyles of the ridiculously broke

So, yesterday I was very excited about the rumored coupons that were going to be in the inserts.  Sweet Baby Rays is my favorite commercial BBQ sauce (and BBQ sauce is my favorite condiment), plus the money making Noxzema razors, and the Smart Balance milk?  Super score.  I actually got an early start for once, but maybe it was too early.  I printed the Noxzema coupons from (after much difficulty, but my love/hate relationship with redplum will have to wait for another post), so I didn't need a paper before my Walgreens shopping.  I swung by Starbucks for my weekly recycle dive, but there were no papers in the recycle rack - maybe it was too early in the morning.

J and I went to his Grandma's later to take her to Walmart.  She gives me her inserts because she rarely uses them.  After flipping through them, I realized again that our town's paper gets the crappiest inserts!  I should have known by looking on the front of the papers: My Town's Paper: "$58 worth of coupon savings inside!" (wowserz)  The Big City Paper: "Over $165 worth of coupon savings inside!"... I don't know, which one would you choose?  So I knew I needed to get my hands on the Big City Paper.

The problem is, I have $3.00.  Like, to my name.  So, I obviously am not going to spend 2/3 of my fortune on a newspaper, and then only have one anyway, when I want 6.  Solution?  I've already told you my philosophy on "recycling" newspapers that no one purchased.  If they are going in the recycle bin, why should they go to waste?  Anyway, I ran to my favorite Starbucks right before they closed, and I asked their permission to peruse the recycle bin.  They girl had no problem with it.  I just want to make it clear that a.) I have permission to do this and b.) it is not gross in any way.  These newspapers are in a designated newspaper recycle bin.  The only thing in there is newspapers.  There is NO TRASH in there - I have a sort of aversion to trash.  But, to make a long story short, I ended up with 7 copies of the inserts!  Seven!  That is by far the most I've ever had.  I usually get 4 at the most.  Sadly, there was NO Noxzema or Smart Balance coupons in there :(  But, the most important coupon, Sweet Baby Ray's WAS.  So, I hope to have some free BBQ sauce in my future!

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