Tuesday, November 23, 2010

$2.05 OOP at Walgreens!

I have not been going to Wags as much lately as I just haven't been that impressed with their deals lately, and I let my RR's expire again :(  But I did pop in for this money making scenario I read about over on The Krazy Coupon Lady

2x Olay bar soap (Sale 2 for $4)
Secret travel sized deoderant (.99 cents)
2x CoffeeMate ( Sale BOGO $2.49)
3x Dove Chocolate (2 for $1.59, 1 for .89 cents)

Used coupons:
$5 off 1 Olay wyb 1 Secret (PG 10/31)
2x .55/1 Coffeemate from HERE
B2G1 Dove chocolate bars from coupons.com
Used WAGS in ad coupon for Mars chocolate, took off .92 cents ( for dove)

Paid $2.05
Got back $1 RR (from Olay)

$16.69 @Albertsons!

Yeeeep!  This was a good one.  I got to use my coupons for FREE butter, flour and eggs ( I posted about those HERE).  I also found more coupons on a tear pad for "Save $2 on nabisco crackers wyb a 12 pack of Coca-Cola product".  The Nabisco crackers were on sale for $1.88 AND were part of  this week's "Buy 10 save $5" Scenario.  I bought 4 crackers ( FREE with the tear pad coupons), 2 chex mix, 2 Pillsbury crescent rolls and 2 redi-whips.  I used .50/1 Chocolate chex mix from...I don't remember , $1/2 Pillsbury crescent rolls from the Safeway Save $60 booklet, and $1/2 redi-whip from All You magazine.  Used 3 doublers (cashier went ahead and made my 3rd doubler $1, even though my coupon was only for .50 cents.  So nice!)

Also, a note.  My original total was $21.69.  It seemed a bit high, but I hadn't added it up in my head, so I just paid and went to my car.  Once I was in my car, I looked at my receipt and noticed that the $5 from the buy 10 save $5 promo hadn't come off.  I went back in with my receipt and talked to customer service, and they refunded me $5.00.  This is another example of why it is so, so important to look at your receipt before you leave the store!

As you may have noticed, I have been stocking up on Thanksgiving essentials for the past few weeks.  I won't be able to get everything for my Thanksgiving dinner at rock bottom prices, but I am going to get as many things as I can!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Crackers at Albertsons!

OK, I love it when I carefully plan a shopping trip and come home with a bunch of free stuff.  But getting free stuff that I didn't plan on?  Even better.  J and I did a quick Albertson's run this afternoon because they had the unbelievable stock up price of 4- 12packs of Coke for $9.00.  That in itself is exciting, because I consider 4 for $10 a pretty good stock up price.  Then, when we got there I noticed these beautiful coupons taped to a bunch of the Coke 12-Packs.

Hmmm, I carefully read the coupon.  It said something like "Save $2.00 when you buy 1 Sprite 12 pack, 8 pack etc., (OR ANY OTHER COKE PRODUCT!)  AND 1 Nabisco Cracker....  OK, this is good, usually these coupons seem to make you buy multiples of things, and aren't even worth it.  But this is looking promising.  After loading our cart with 4- 12 packs, we scurried over to the cracker aisle to find this:

 Sweet!  Free crackers!  Not only that, but the overage went toward our bottle deposit.

So, we ended up with 4- 12 packs of Coke and 4 boxes of crackers for $10.52! ( Oregon has a bottle deposit of 5 cents a can).
Savings: $32.50!

J is going back tomorrow to stock up on Pepsi (he is a Pepsi fan, I'm a Coke fan, but somehow we make it work).  Pepsi is 4 for $10 at Albies, but they had some nice .55 cents off one 12-pack peelies that I swiped to send him to the store with tomorrow, which will save us a nice $2.20, making it actually 4 for $8!  If you are a pop drinker, the holidays are a great time to stock up on soda.

Oh, which reminds me - if you are a Coke drinker, you really should sign up for My Coke Rewards.  Every box and bottle has a code that you enter on the site for points, and when you get a certain amount of points you can redeem them for free stuff.  I always use my points for a coupon for a FREE 12 pack.  Normally it is 240 points to get that coupon ( a 12 pack gets you 10 points, a 24 pack is 20 points, a bottle cap gives you 3 points, to give you an idea of how long it takes to build them up) - But during the holidays they are doing half off rewards.  So I was just able to order another FREE 12 pack coupon for only 120 points. Do it.  Do it now.

Totally Free Thanksgiving Cards from Tiny Prints!

Wow!  I am so stoked.  I just ordered 13 cards from Tiny Prints for FREE including shipping!  Tiny Prints is doing a promotion for their Thanksgiving cards, only through tomorrow.  Go HERE and choose from their Thanksgiving cards.  Select as many as you want, personalize them, and then select to have them all shipped to you ( if you decide to have them mailed directly to the recipient, you will have to pay .44 cents each for that).  You will have to sign up to have an account with Tiny Prints ( that's free, of course).  Then when you are ready to check out, make sure you are under the "PAY AS YOU GO" option ( mine was like that automatically, but you can double check at the top of the page).  Enter the coupon code FREETHX at the bottom, and your total should drop to $0!  I ordered 3 personal cards and 10 of the Thank You cards!

Thanks Frugal Living NW!

Monday, November 15, 2010

More Albertsons doubling

Another doubling trip.  I feel weird doing more than 2 transactions at a time, so I tend to break it up. 
Paid $1.10 OOP
Saved $15.94

I did this in two transactions, because Albertsons only allows 3 doublers to be used per transaction.  I bought:
2x Orville Microwave Popcorn (Sale 2 for $4.00)
- 2x .75/1 Orville from Safeway $60 in savings booklet
2x Hefty one zip bags ( 2 for $4)
-2x $1/1 Hefty One Zip from Safeway $60 in savings booklet
2x Sierra Mist 2 liter (Sale $1 each)
-2x .50/1 Sierra Mist Peelie
Doubled all coupons ( in 2 transactions)
Paid only .50 cents each for the popcorn and the bottle deposit for the sierra mist.  Everything else was free!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Walgreens 11/14

This was  a fast one, I might go back later to do the Sinex deal, but I wanted to get in early to snag the free dish soap.
Paid $3.15
Saved: $11.00!
Yes, this is wayyyyy more oop than I normally spend.  The reason is the Organix Shampoo.  As drugstore shampoo goes, Organix is my favorite, and there are NEVER any coupons for it.  This scent was on clearance for $3.59, which is about half off.  That is the cheapest I have seen it, so I decided to snag a bottle.  They didn't have any conditioner, just shampoo, but I figure I will get some conditioner later when it is on sale somewhere.

4x Gain Dish Soap ($1.79 reg, .89 cents each with WAGS in ad coupon)
Organix Shampoo (Reg $6.99, clearance for $3.59)

Used 4x $1/1 Gain Dish Soap from 10/10 PG
Gain soap was free plus some overage towards shampoo!

Remember to scan your Manufacture coupons BEFORE you scan your Wag's coupons, and have something else in there to absorb the overage!

Thanks Wild for Wags!

Albertson's Doublers!

Yes!  I'm loving all these Albertson's doubler deals.  I had 2 scenarios worked out, which is good because the 1st one I was going to do didn't happen since my store was SOLD OUT of the Betty Crocker Brownies.  Dang it!  It was probably my coupon nemesis, who probably also swiped all the $60 in savings coupon booklets from Safeway.  Oh well, that is the life in couponing, you gotta be able to roll with the punches.  Here is the scenario I worked out.
OOP: .90 cents!
Saved: $37.08!
That's a 98% savings!  Heck yes.

Here's what I did:
Instant Savings Spotlight:  Save $5.00 when you buy 10 selected items.  The 10 items I bought were:
4x Betty Crocker Cake Mix (.99 cents each)
Betty Crocker Frosting ($1.49 each)
- $1/2 wyb Betty Crocker cake mix AND frosting
2x Nestle Morsels ($1.99 each)
-2x $1/1 Nestle Morsels Printable ( no longer available)
2x Pam Cooking Spray ($2.49 each)
- 2x $1/1 Pam Cooking Spray from $60 in savings Safeway booklet Wesson Cooking Oil ($2.49 each)
-$1/1 Wesson Cooking Oil from $60 in savings Safeway booklet
- $5.00 Instant Savings
- $3.00 Doublers
ALSO 2x Wholly Guacamole ($2.99 each)
Used $4/1 Wholly Product from Facebook (no longer available)
Cashier adjusted down to $2.99 - no overage!

OK - So, my total was lower than I thought, and I was just sort of confused and pleasantly surprised, so I paid and left.  Now reviewing my receipt, I realize that I paid less than I should have.  I think the checker somehow scanned 2 coupons twice ( giving me $2 extra dollars off).  Then, I literally JUST REALIZED that the Nestle Morsel Coupon was $1/2, not $1/1.  I gave it to the checker thinking it was a $1/1, and it went through.  Oooooooops.  I would NEVER knowingly give an extra coupon for an item.  That is coupon fraud, and I DO NOT condone that.  It makes couponing bad for everyone.  So, I do feel bad about that.  That being said, I do carefully review my coupons and try very hard to always use the right ones in the right situations.  I am not perfect, and sometimes make mistakes. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Super Fast Walgreens Trip

So, lately I have been not at all interested in Wags.  The deals have just not been tempting me.  However, I was impressed with the FREE baking powder and the great price on Libby's Pumpkin.  With baking season fast approaching, it's a great time to stock up.
Paid: .49 cents!
Saved $3.28

Haha, not my best savings yet, but I still feel like it was a good deal.  I didn't have a coupon for the pumpkin, but I had overage from my baking powder coupons that covered part of it.

Libby's Canned Pumpkin (.99 cents with WAGS in ad coupon)
Clabber Girl Baking Powder (2 for $1 with WAGS in ad coupon)
Used 2 .75/1 Clabber Girl from HERE  (use zip77477)
Overage from Clabber Girl went towards the pumpkin!
The key to this is to have the checker scan your Walgreens ad coupons AFTER you give them your manufacture coupons.  Otherwise the register won't take it, because the coupon is worth more than the item.

I really would have liked to stock up on more pumpkin, because that is by far the lowest price I have seen.  Most other stores have it on sale for $1.99 or $1.79.  I was out of luck, though, because there was only 1 can left when I got there!  Oh well, I'm glad that I at least got one can.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doubling at Albies!

I'm pretty proud of this one.
Paid .52 cents!!
Saved: $40.90!  Pretty great.

Although I was annoyed to notice on several occasions that the diet or healthier options were not included in the sales.  This included the hot chocolate, soup and waffles.  I was a little disappointed with that, but I guess they figure people on a diet are willing to shell out more for their food ( it's not fair, really, and must be why America is fat!)

BUT WAIT!  I almost forgot the best part!  After my first transaction a bunch of catalinas printed out, and I didn't bother looking at them until I got to my car.  Guess what they were??  1 coupon for a FREE bag of Albertson's flour (up to $2.50), 1 coupon for a FREE dozen of Albertson's eggs, and a coupon for a FREE 1 lb of butter!  Holy cow!  No other purchase requirements, except that you use your preferred card.  I'm sort of embarrassingly excited about this.  I have no idea how I got the catalinas, but what I bought in that transaction were: 4 boxes Eggos, 4 cans Progresso soup, and 2 bottles Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash.