Monday, May 3, 2010

Aren't we clever?

This day was all about coffee, apparently. See, having an addiction of any kind does not really fit the broke lifestyle. It's expensive, and when you don't have the money and are jonesing for a fix, you're really in trouble.... But, hey, we all have a vice, and at least caffeine is legal :)

So, since I'm broke, how am I going to support my caffeine habit? I feel pretty proud of myself for this one. World Market has a rewards program called World Market Explorer. If you join the send you various coupons, including a really great one for your birthday - $10.00 off a purchase over $10.00! I got mine a few weeks ago, and used it on a really beautiful old fashioned map of Paris. Totally non functional, but really pretty. While I was at it, I also signed up my boyfriend, and we used his birthday coupon today to score a 24oz bag of coffee plus a box of junior mints, and only spent .28 cents!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you the best part! They also have a punch card system - for every 6 bags of coffee you purchase, you get the 7th free! And Wednesdays is double punch day. We got 2 punches today, and so if we buy 2 more bags (on a Wednesday, for the double punch) - then we get a bag for free! The 12 oz bags were on sale for $5.99 - which is a pretty good price for coffee anyway.

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