Monday, June 28, 2010

And again later...

I made one more stop at Wags later, once I knew the airplus socks RR was printing.

.08 Cents OOP!

Airplus Aloe infused socks ($3.00)
Flexitol Blistop (Sale $5.00)
3x Dentyne Gum (Sale .66 each)
Scotch Pop up tape (Clearance $1.09)

Used Coupons:
$1/1 Dentyne Gum 6/13 SS
$1/1 Dentyne Gum from WAGS July Savings booklet
$1/1 Scotch Popup Tape Printable, (NLA But there is a .75/1 HERE)

Used RRs $3 Blistex, $2 Oral B, $3 Oral B
Got RRs $5 Blistop, $3 Airplus

Paid .08 oop
Saved: $19.76
Spent $8 RRs
Earned $8 RRs

(earlier in the day I was at a different Wags, and they had the pop up tape clearanced for .99 cents.  I was unable to use my coupon for $1 off because of the 1 cent overage.  The associate called over a manager, but he stated there was no way for him to override the transaction and make the coupon go through, even if they adjusted the coupon down.  So, I didn't get it.  I found it for 10 cents more at my regular wags, and so I scooped it up.  It was actually a good filler, because without it my transaction would have been short one cent to be able to use all my RRs!)

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