Thursday, June 24, 2010

$5 at Target

So it wasn't so much of an amazing deal week at Target, but J and I were going grocery shopping, and I talked him into stopping by so that we could do the Sobe deal.  I was lucky enough to actually have 5 BOGO coupons from the heads or tails game and the facebook page (go HERE to read my post about that).  He agreed, as long as we used the $5 gift card to buy some groceries.  We only have a regular target, not a Super Target, or I would probably do all my grocery shopping there!  The other things we bought weren't fantastic deals, but still free, so I'm not complaining.
We did this in two transactions. 
Transaction #1
10x Sobe ( $10.00)
Used 5x B1G1 Sobe coupons (go HERE to see how I got them)
Paid $5.50 ( Oregon bottle deposit!)
Got a $5.00 Target Gift Card for buying 10 Sobes
(there were also a few Target .50/1 coupons, but I had already used them, and they were no longer available)

Transaction #2
Wheat thins ($2.50)
2x Act II mini bags popcorn ($1 each)
Cocoa Pebbles ($2.46)

Used $1/1 Peelie found on wheat thins box
Used $1/2 Act II PRINT
Total $4.96
Used $5.00 Gift card from before
= 0.00 OOP!

Freaking J and his cereal, I swear to God.  He's killing me.  We go months without eating cereal, and now he wants it all the time.  Of course, I'm not stocked on it, so we end up paying full price all the time.  It just kills me that we pay $2.50 for a box when I know I could get it for .50 cents a box during a good sale and coupon pair up!  I'm determined to stockpile cereal now.  It's a must.


Heather said...

We are stockpiled on cereal, that's fore sure. I always get it when it's on sale for less than $1 a box...sometimes even cheaper!

Meghan said...

I need to do that! I'm not much of a cereal eater, and my boyfriend suddenly decided he wanted cereal all the time. He'll say "$2.50 a box, that's a good price, right?" And I'll have a little heart attack.