Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sobe Heads or Tails Game ( I won!)

Wow, this was so fun!  When I logged on to play this game I was just hoping to win a coupon for a free Sobe...But I ended up winning a FREE track jacket worth $44.00 from American Apparel!  Other prizes include free Sobe, flip flops, iTunes gift cards, ipods, and even a Macbook!  It's kind of a fun little game too...go HERE to try your luck!

If you don't win anything (or even if you do!) go HERE to print a BOGO coupon - you have to vote on your favorite flavor.  I bought the Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade at Target the other day, and it was super yummy.  So I voted for that one.

(Thank Hip2Save!)

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Anonymous said...

Target has $0.50 coupons and if you buy 10 you get back a $5 giftcard. If you can print enough coupons from the Target site and get enough BOGO coupons you can turn this into 10 free and make $5 for doing it!