Monday, June 14, 2010

A much better Target Trip

So after my Epic Target Failure last week, I wasn't so hot on going back for awhile.  But I started noticing that there were alot of deals to be had there this week, so I decided to venture out.

OOP: $11.39
Saved: $41.66

Part of the reason my OOP was so high was because I did make some unexpected purchases.  The cereal was not the best deal as it was not on sale, so paid $1.89 a box for them.  Since I am not stocked up on cereal, I am sort of stuck paying more for it.  Plus, as always, J talked me into it :)  We were also desperately in need of paper towels, which accounts for almost half of the OOP here!

I did this in 2 transactions:

*Hot Deal*
Scrubbing bubbles  Extend-a-clean power sprayer ($8.69)
Used $5/1 Coupon from 6/13 SS
Used buy 1 get a $5 Target gift Card from 5/23 SS
Paid $3.69, Got a $5.00 Gift Card for a $1.31 Money Maker!

Transaction #2
Resses Puffs Cereal ($2.89)
Lucky Charms Cereal ($2.89)
Used coupons
$1.50/2 General Mills Cereals
.50/1 Target Mobile coupon
= $1.89 each

2x Jello Sugar Free Pudding (Clearance .67 cents each)
Used Coupon .50/2 Jello from 6/6 SS
= .42 cents each

2x Sobe 0 Calorie LifeWater (Sale $1 each)
Used coupons
.50/1 Sobe Target Coupon Printable
.50/1 Target Mobile Coupon
= .50 cents each

*Hot Deal*
Clean and Clear Finishes Moisterizer (Sale $2.00)
Used Coupons
$2/1 Clean and Clear HERE

Bounty Basic Paper Towels 6 pack ($5.99)
Used coupons
.25/1 Bounty (Not sure of the date!)
.75/1 Bounty 6 pack or larger Target Coupon from 6/13 RP
 (I just realized it would have been cheaper for me to buy 6 single rolls - put I only had 4 coupons, so couldn't have done that anyway)

*Hot Deal*
Dove Go Fresh Deoderant ($3.49)
Dove Go Fresh Body Spray (FREE wyb Dove Deodorant, normally $3.49)
Used Coupons
2x $2/1 Dove Deodorant or Body Spray PRINT
= Both for FREE!

*Hot Deal*
Energizer Flashlight (Clearance $3.54, originally $14.19!)
Used coupon
$1/1 Energizer Batteries or Flashlight Printable  no longer available.  But there was one 6/13 SS)
= $2.54 (This thing is really cool, it has a crank that you use to power it instead of batteries.  We actually don't have a working flashlight, and in the interest of emergency preparedness I thought it would be good to have on on hand.  Plus, it will be great for camping.)

Total: $12.69
Used $5.00 Gift Card from 1st transaction
Total OOP: $7.69

Overall I was really happy with this trip!  I also feel like J is FINALLY getting why stockpiling is key.  It took awhile, but today while we were looking at the Not On Sale Cereal, I said "OK, Babe, now you know when I want to buy something that is a good deal, and you say 'but we don't need that right now'?"  And he said "Yeah, I understand now why you do that".  Haha!  I'm getting through.  He also commented later on how stocked up we were on so many items.  He even went to look and see how much the sponges that I got for free yesterday at Albertsons would have been if we bought them at Target ($10 bucks).   He was pretty impressed that I got them for free. :)


Heather said...

GREAT job! I got some of the Clean & Clear Finishes for FREE too! I was excited! Also, bought lots of Dove deodorant and got lots of free body mist. :o) Don't ya just love a GREAT deal? And, especially FREE stuff?!

penguins said...

off topic:
i love listening to my free frappuchino play list that you notified me about. have you heard the rocket one? <3 it!

Meghan said...

Heather - Yes, I LOVE free stuff! And I am so stoked on the Dove deodorant, I'm really brand loyal to Dove :) And I'm pretty stocked up on it now, a few days ago I was thinking "I probably shouldn't buy anymore deodorant for awhile..." But then I couldn't resist this freebie!

Penguins: Jules, is that you? Yes, I LOVE the rocket song, I listen to it in the car on my way to and from work and sing it, which puts me in a great mood :)