Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Target 6/1

OK, so I went to Target, and sadly was unable to do the Fiber One yogurt deal, because my Target doesn't carry Fiber One yogurt!  Gah!  I so wish I had a Super Target.  But, I was still able to score the Fiber One bars, which is a good thing, because we eat ALOT of Fiber One bars in this house.
$11.69 OOP
Saved: $15.28
Also Got a $5.00 Target Gift Card for next time!

5 Boxes Fiber One Bars (Sale $2.49)
Used 2x .40/1 from HERE and 3x .50/1 from HERE and HERE
Making 3 $1.99 and 2 $2.09 = $10.17
Also got a $5.00 Target Gift Card for this transaction, so only $5.17 for 5 boxes after gift card

2 Boxes of Quaker High Fiber Instant Oatmeal (Clearanced for $1.77)
Used 2x $1/1 Coupon from HERE
Making them .77 cents each!

2 boxes of GE Reveal Light Bulbs (Sale $2.00 Each)
Used 2x $1.50/1 Target Coupons HERE
Used 1x $1/2 Coupon from HERE
Making them both FREE!

PS - Yes, the oatmeal is also high fiber, and no, it's not that I require all my food to be high fiber.  It's just the only kind that was on clearance!
And 2 - Sorry about my broken drawer.  I've been "suggesting" that J fix it for like a year.

Thanks Totally Target and Mojo Savings!

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