Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Schick Hydro Review

OK, so one of the great things about couponing is that you get to try items/brands that you might not normally buy.  When you are paying full price for things, you tend to either grab the cheapest thing, or you get stuck in a brand rut and always buy the same thing.  Not that there is anything wrong with brand loyalty.  But since I get so many products for super cheap or free, I have had an opportunity to test out things I might not have tried otherwise.  And I have been surprised at how much I liked some of the items!  So, I decided to start writing reviews of the products I try. 

First on the agenda is the Schick Hydro.  I was lucky enough to score these for FREE a few weeks ago at Walgreens, and then again last week.  I originally got them for J, but at this point I have gotten so many deals on razors that he has at least a year supply.  I, on the other hand, have NO supply - why are there always great deals on razors for men, but not for women?  Not that it matters, though.  I mean, a razor is a razor, and making it pink and adding "for women" does not really make it any different.  So, when I found myself in need of a new razor, I raided J's stockpile.  I chose the Schick Hydro 3 Blade. 

I LOVE this razor.  I have used alot of razors in my day, from the Gillete Sensor Excel "for Women", and the Mach 3.  More recently I used the Venus and the Schick Intuition.  But since using the Hydro, I honestly don't think my legs have ever been so smooth.  This is by far the closest shave I've ever gotten.  Not only that, but there is NO irritation - no razor burn, and no cuts.  I'm not really sure I noticed the "Hydro" effects - you know how in the commercials they say it's "Like a blast of hydration to your face" - well legs, in my case.  I put lotion on most days anyway, so I didn't notice much of a difference, but I will say my legs are silky smooth.

The true test is underarms, though, right?  Usually after shaving my underarms I have irritation, little red bumps...it's not pretty.  But again, the Schick Hydro gave me a close shave and NO irritation!  I have to tell you, I really love this razor.  I think I will be stealing the rest of them from J's stockpile.

I do think that there IS room for improvement in a women's version.   Men and women shave different parts and in different locations.  Most women shave in the shower, and so making the razor less likely to slip out of our hands is an issue.  The handle could be larger, and maybe have some little rubber grips on it to make it easier to hang on to.  I would also really love a base that can be attached to the shower wall, like the Schick Intuition and the Gillette Venus have.  Also, I hope they don't make it pink.  I personally like pink, but I still find it sort of insulting when manufacturers paint something pink and then market it to women.  In keeping with the "hydro" theme ( the current version is a nice, manly dark blue) I think they should make it a pretty turquoise.  And also, Schick, when you make one for women, can you send me one?


Christie said...

Wow, you wrote a very nice compliment to Schick. Betcha they are working on a new razor for women now with a larger handle and grips for that no slip shave and turquoise color. LOL... I've never mailed or emailed a company before to let them know I like or love their product. But for the chance of a free coupon, maybe I should!

Meghan said...

Yeah, it was totally worth it! I have never actually sent a comment to a company before either, but I really like this razor, and I had already written the review so I though, "Why not?" I was pleased when I got the FREE coupon back, and it was really fast too, within 1-2 weeks from when I sent it. It made me want to start complimenting companies left and right!