Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FREE at Safeway!

I had 100% savings at Safeway today - even for only 3 items, it's very exciting!
I got:
1 Half Gallon Smart Balance Milk (Sale $3.99)
2x Fiber One Yogurt (2 for $4.00)

I used my FREE coupon for Smart Balance Milk I posted about HERE.
I loaded 2 $1/1 Fiber One Yogurts on cellfire.com
I loaded 2 $1/1 Fiber One Yogurts on shortcuts.com

Total oop: $0.00!  Yay!

 The FREE Smart Balance Milk Catalina did not print for me, but I did get a $2/2 Smart Balance Milk Catalina.

A note about eCoupons - I am still learning about them.  You register with these websites and enter your club card numbers (such as your safeway club card).  Then you can upload these e-Coupons to the card.  When you scan your card at the grocery store, the coupons automatically come off of your total for the items that you buy - even if you also use a paper coupon!  Not only that, but the websites update 2 times a month - you can only load one coupon, but then when it resets you can load it again!  That is how I was able to load two of the same coupon from each site.  I was not sure if it would automatically deduct all of the coupons, so I brought some paper coupons as well.  I had the cashier double my two .50/1 fiber one coupons, and then after my e-coupons went through my total was -$2.00!  So, the cashier took off my paper coupons and gave them back to me, so that my total would be an even zero.  So glad to know how this works now!  Check out these sites and start loading coupons now!  I think they will reset at the end of the month.

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