Friday, June 11, 2010

Walgreens .08 cents OOP!

After my Target failure, it was nice to get some love at Walgreens.  Although, I did drop a few RRs, I still think I did pretty good.
Total OOP: .08 cents!
Total SAVED: $27.37
RRs Spent: $10.00
RR's Earned: $6.00

John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo, Conditioner and style cream (Sale 3 for $15)
Cascade 15 ct action pacs (Sale $3.99)
Tuf Paper Towels (.99 cents)

Used Coupons:
3x $3.00 John Frieda Root AWakening (From 6/6 SS)
.50 cents off Cascade action pacs from Home Made Simple booklet
WAGS in ad coupon for paper towels (took off .40 cents)
$10 RR from Gillete
Total oop: .08 cents!
Also Got $5 RR for John Frieda and $1 RR for Cascade!

Not a money making week, but I really needed all of these items, so I feel pretty good that I got them for 8 cents!

1 comment:

penguins said...

i have that shampoo : )
now well smell minty fresh together