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Redplum and SmartSource, why do you hate me?  I have Java installed.  I have the coupon printer installed.  Why do you always tell me that I don't?  Why can't you be more like, and work all the time?

Seriously, I groan every time I realize a coupon I want to print is from smartsource or redplum.  They are so hard to print from!  At least 75% of the time I can't print it.  SmartSource always tells me that I don't have Java installed.  But I do.  The most updated version.  Redplum always tells me I don't have their printer installed.  But I do.  Even if I try to click on the button that says "Install Printer!"  Nothing happens.

Granted it may be my computer, which at nearing 4 years old is a dinosaur. But I still feel that I should be able to print my 2 coupons hassle free.  If can do it, so should RP and SS.

Examples of coupons I would have liked to print TODAY, but couldn't because SS and RP suck:

$1/1 Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice for .50 cents Juice at Safeway PRINT if you can

$2/1 Smart Balance Milk for a great deal on my milk of choice PRINT if you can

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