Sunday, June 27, 2010

.21 Cents OOP at Walgreens!

Pretty good trip to Wags, except that it was the second trip - the first time I went in I was told that NO RRs were printing, in the whole State of Oregon!  I called later to check, and the person on the other end of the phone told me that the seemed to be working, but he didn't sound so sure.  When I went in, one of the girls in cosmetics did a fake transaction for me, and it turns out they were working, again.  Hurray!
This was actually done in one transaction.  I got:
2x Oral B Manual Pulsar 3-D White Toothbrushes (Sale $4.99)
Blistex Fruit Smoothies 3 pack ($2.99)
3x Dentyne Gum (.66 cents each)
2x Arizona Tea 20 oz (.99 cents each)
Green Sharpie (Clearance .24 cents)

I used coupons:
B1G1 Oral-B Pulsar from 6/6 PG
$1/1 Dentyne Gum 6/13 SS
WAGS Monthly Coupon for Dentyne (took off .99 cents)
WAGS in ad coupon for Arizona (took off .98 cents)
Used RRs: $5 Brilliant, $2 Herbal Essences, $2 Herbal Essences
Got RRs: $3 Oral B, $2 Oral B, $3 Blistex

Paid: .21 cents OOP
SAVED: $25.60
Used $9 RRs
Got $8 RRs

The double Oral B RR is a fluke, it seems to be an over lap of this months RR and  last months RR.  It will most likely be fixed tomorrow, so if you want the free toothbrushes, go tonight! Those toothbrushes are expensive, regularly $7.49 - so 2 for FREE is awesome!

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