Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Near miss at Albies

I nearly got .24 cents cheese at Albies...but not quite.  I was super excited when I spotted some Sargento low sodium shredded mozzerella - and I dug out my .75/1 coupons with glee.  I started walking around the store with them, and then it dawned on me that I should double check the expiration date on the coupons - Dang it!  Expired.  But still, .99 cents isn't bad.  My BFF and I were making pizza that night, so I grabbed two bags.  I also used my 2 free deli meat coupons from Kraft First Taste to score two packages of free lunch meat! (If you haven't joined Kraft First Taste yet, I suggest you do!  I have gotten about 10 free product coupons since I joined in April.  Go HERE to sign up!)


Heather said...

.99 is super cheap for that cheese! and FREE lunch meat is always great! :o) we made homemade pizzas that night too...how funny!

Meghan said...

Yeah, it was really cheap, and we used most of it that night! I love making homemade pizza - we got most of the ingredients at Trader Joe's and Albertsons. TJ's has the best pizza dough and sauce - and my friend figured out that it came out to only $1.64/slice. That's great for a high quality pizza that you make exactly how you like it!