Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Walgreens: I just can't stop

So I managed to fit in 3 more trips two Walgreens today, but only two were successful.  On my way to work I stopped by and grabbed another Rejuvacare (and two clearanced candlesticks for .17 cents each as fillers).  Then on my way home I used the $10 RR from that two get another round of Luster 7, Kotex U, A-Z Multivitamins and some W foil.  I would have done the neutrogena deal, but they were out of the bars at that Wags (not my normal store). 
Spent: .41 cents oop
Saved $33.77
Used: $20.00 RRs
Got: $19.50 RRs

Then later I talked J into going on a coupon adventure with me.  I wanted to see if Safeway had that rumored coupon book with the $1.50/1 Neutrogena coupons I had been hearing about around the blog-o-sphere. Luckily for me, Safeway is right across the street from my favorite Wags (and not too far from my house).  We ran to Safeway, and score!  There were the coupon books, right in the personal care section, and there were TONS of them ( I took 6.  I know that is alot, but there were seriously at least 50 of them, and most of the coupons have expiration dates coming up soon, so I didn't feel too guilty).  And guess what other coupon was in that book?  A $2 off Ecotrin!  Yay!  Oh, but wait.  It expired today, 5/31.  I have 6 coupons, and the thought of doing 6 transactions all in one day, at one time, kind of freaks me out.  I didn't need to worry, though, because I soon discovered that my Walgreens was sold out of Ecotrin anyway.  Drat!  Is there anything worse than having the greatest coupons, and not being able to use them?  Not only that, but they were also sold out of the Neutrogena bars (Coupon Rival has struck again).  I knew that J wouldn't be down for driving to another Walgreens, and the Neutrogena deal is good all month...So I decided to let it go.  And now I have 6 perfectly good Ecotrin coupons wasting away in my binder.  Booooo.

However, all is not lost.  I can still get the Neutrogena deal, and that coupon booklet from Safeway has some pretty great coupons in it.  They are Manufacturer Coupons, so you can use most of them anywhere (except for an awesome $2/1 Coppertone, that is good only at Safeway).  Want to see what the booklet looks like?

 Now go and see if you can grab one!

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