Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Found: More Fiber One coupons!

I have been lamenting the fact that I have only been able to print two each of the fiber one bars and yogurt coupons from coupons.com.  See, I really want to do the Target Fiber One gift card deal (Check it out on Totally Target), but I really need five coupons each for the bars and yogurts (I'm not really into the cereal).  Due to print limits, and being a one computer household, I was stuck.  Or, so I thought.  Since I am an insomniac, and because it is the first of the month, I decided to do some coupon trolling.  I was hoping that maybe there was some chance that the coupons on coupons.com had reset.  Quite a long shot, since they just went up the other day.  Well, as expected, they didn't.  But guess what?  I found Fiber One coupons on both Target.com and Smartsource.com!  I was able to print enough for the deal.  The yogurt coupon is not as sweet, it is .50/1 instead of $1/1.  But the bar coupon is better, it is .50/1 instead of .40/1.  Either way, I'm happy that I now have enough coupons!  So if you are in need of some Fiber One coupons, hurry and print some!

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