Sunday, January 9, 2011

Get your holiday decor el cheapo!

Just because we're broke doesn't mean we can't have cute stuff!  I scored some awesome deals at Cost Plus World Market the other day.  Their Christmas stuff is still mostly 50% off, I'm waiting for it to go at least 75% since there is nothing there that I am super excited about.  BUT, they still have some fall/harvest stuff left, and it just went 90%!  Practically free, I tell you.  I scored $80.00 for $8 bucks!  My family is planning a big Thanksgiving next year, so these will work perfectly!  I kind of am in love with the kitschy little turkey candles, but I wasn't willing to pay $4 and $6 bucks a pop for them.  Instead I got 10 little ones for $4.00 ( the original price of 1!) and 3 big ones for $1.80 (originally $5.99 each).  I also got a few pumpkin candles and a cute little turkey serving dish.

Keep your eyes peeled for dome great deals on holiday decor!  You may not be thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas right now, but next year when you unpack your holiday boxes you will be so glad you did!

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