Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Crackers at Albertsons!

OK, I love it when I carefully plan a shopping trip and come home with a bunch of free stuff.  But getting free stuff that I didn't plan on?  Even better.  J and I did a quick Albertson's run this afternoon because they had the unbelievable stock up price of 4- 12packs of Coke for $9.00.  That in itself is exciting, because I consider 4 for $10 a pretty good stock up price.  Then, when we got there I noticed these beautiful coupons taped to a bunch of the Coke 12-Packs.

Hmmm, I carefully read the coupon.  It said something like "Save $2.00 when you buy 1 Sprite 12 pack, 8 pack etc., (OR ANY OTHER COKE PRODUCT!)  AND 1 Nabisco Cracker....  OK, this is good, usually these coupons seem to make you buy multiples of things, and aren't even worth it.  But this is looking promising.  After loading our cart with 4- 12 packs, we scurried over to the cracker aisle to find this:

 Sweet!  Free crackers!  Not only that, but the overage went toward our bottle deposit.

So, we ended up with 4- 12 packs of Coke and 4 boxes of crackers for $10.52! ( Oregon has a bottle deposit of 5 cents a can).
Savings: $32.50!

J is going back tomorrow to stock up on Pepsi (he is a Pepsi fan, I'm a Coke fan, but somehow we make it work).  Pepsi is 4 for $10 at Albies, but they had some nice .55 cents off one 12-pack peelies that I swiped to send him to the store with tomorrow, which will save us a nice $2.20, making it actually 4 for $8!  If you are a pop drinker, the holidays are a great time to stock up on soda.

Oh, which reminds me - if you are a Coke drinker, you really should sign up for My Coke Rewards.  Every box and bottle has a code that you enter on the site for points, and when you get a certain amount of points you can redeem them for free stuff.  I always use my points for a coupon for a FREE 12 pack.  Normally it is 240 points to get that coupon ( a 12 pack gets you 10 points, a 24 pack is 20 points, a bottle cap gives you 3 points, to give you an idea of how long it takes to build them up) - But during the holidays they are doing half off rewards.  So I was just able to order another FREE 12 pack coupon for only 120 points. Do it.  Do it now.

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