Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fry's trip 1/24

OK, here is my first couponing trip at the Arizona grocery chain Fry's.  They are owned by Kroger.  One nice thing about this store is they they bump all coupons up to a dollar - so if you have a .25 cents off an item, it becomes a $1 off an item.  This is for the Mega event going on right now. In this event you save $5.00 when you buy 10 participating items, and you can mix and match among all participating items. Since I don't buy as much processed food now, I mostly am focusing on building a stockpile of toiletries  cleaning supplies and things like that.

Paid $11.27, Saved $30.53

4x All Free and Clear Laundry Detergent (50oz) $2.49 after Mega savings (used $2/2 from 1/06 SS)
= $1.49 each, or (.03 cents per oz and .05 cents per load)

2x Bush Black Beans
= .49 each after Mega Savings

4x Hunts Diced Tomatoes
= .49 cents after Mega Savings

2x Hunts Tomato Sauce
= .49 cents ( got these on accident, I thought they were part of the Mega Sale but they weren't)

2x Colgate toothpaste, .99 cents on sale, used 2x $1/1 Colgate from 1/06 SS
= both for FREE

2x Colgate toothbrush .99 cents on sale, used 2x $1/1 Colgate from 1/06 SS
=both for FREE

Total Paid: $11.27
Total Saved: $30.53

Just for comparison, the All Free and Clear is .05/oz and .08/load at Costco, so this was cheaper than buying there.  I paid $1.49 for a 50 oz bottle, and the same amount from Costco would have been $2.50.
The cans of tomatoes are .75 cents each at Costco, and I paid .49 cents each for these.

Thanks to The Cents'able Shoppin for the matchups!

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