Monday, January 7, 2013

Deals of the week

My first week back in couponing has gone fairly well.  I picked up two newspapers this week - I would have liked to get more but they were sold out everywhere due to the fact that they had 6 inserts this week!  I am attempting to coupon at new stores - CVS is new to me, since we didn't have them in Oregon.  They are fairly similar to the old way that Walgreens worked, which I like.  Walgreens has taken their new rewards program national, and it is a combo of the old system with register rewards and the new system with points.  I'm glad they kept some register rewards (they completely got rid of them when they tested the program in Portland) - but I hate the points system so I will probably make CVS my drugstore of choice.  I was pleased that the CVS I went to this week didn't seem to have a problem with shelf clearing.  I even went back for something today, and they still had some.  This is refreshing.

Because we are doing No Spend Month, I am trying to keep my oop as low as possible.  I did end up having to pay for 2 newspapers ( $4), but I have already recouped that expense and then some in the few items I got using the coupons in those papers.  My main goal is to only get things that are free or very cheap.  The other thing that I have to watch out for here is paying sales tax.  In Oregon when I got something for free, it was truly free.  Today when I got something for free, I still payed .35 cents in sales tax.

Here is what I got this week:
All for $2.00

4x Stayfree ultra thin  ($3.99 each, on sale B1G1)
Used 2x Stayfree B1G1 coupons from 1/6 SS
= All 4 for free!

Soft Scrub (sale $2)
used $1/1 from HERE
also loaded $1/1 from SAVINGSTAR 
Paid $1 but should get back $1 from savingstar so FREE!

2x 16 oz coffeemate creamer (sale 2/$3)
Used 2x $1/1 coffeemate HERE
Paid $1 or .50 cents each!

Reach Floss (.97 cents regular price)
Used $1/1 Reach HERE (may be NLA)
Free plus .03 overage!

Total OOP for everything:
$2.96 (including tax)
$1.96 if including savingstar rebate
SAVED: 23.98

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Colleen said...

Awesome. I miss couponing, though I was never as proficient as you!