Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Couponing trip in 2013!

Wow!  I have basically been totally out of couponing for almost two years!  My life got so busy and I just didn't have the time for it, not to mention the resources.  Well, things have changed (again), and I think that now is the perfect time to get back into it.  The coupon game has changed a bit since I was in the thick of it.  After the huge boom in "extreme couponing", I think some stores have changed their policies, digital coupons are bigger than ever, there are all kinds of apps for smart phones, and to top it off, I now live in a totally different region of the country so I have new stores to get used to.  I planned my first trip to CVS today, and I picked up my first coupon freebie in a long time at Target!  Granted, it was about the easiest freebie known to couponers, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

Free Floss!
Reach Floss - .97 cents, regular price
Used $1/1 Reach product found HERE
= Free plus .03 cents overage

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