Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm breaking up with Walgreens

Dear Walgreens,

I'm sorry to tell you that I'm breaking up with you.  It's not me, it's you.  Back in the day, before I was a couponer, I never shopped at Walgreens.  Why would I when I could just go to Target?  But then, I discovered the wonders of couponing, and more importantly, register rewards.  Register Rewards are a broke girl's best friend.  You can earn them one week, and then use them the next week to score tons of free stuff!  Keep doing it every week, and eventually you have a closet full of toothpaste, razors and shaving cream that you paid pennies for out of pocket.

I heard some grumblings about "test markets"...certain cities where Wags was testing out a new reward system.  I noticed because one of the cities was not too far from me, but honestly this new reward system was way to complicated for me to understand, so I just ignored it and kept doing my weekly Wags shopping.  Oh, Wags, how I loved you.

Then, something changed.  I moved to a "test market" city.  Now I live in a city where my beloved Wags offers a complicated and obnoxious "reward" system ( I hesitate to call it a reward, because it is more like a homework project followed by a slap in the face).  I get to hear about all the great deals that are being offered to Wags shoppers in other towns...but not in mine.  Want FREE Motrin after RR?  No, sorry Ms. Broke, you can't.  But, you can PAY 3 bucks for Motrin, and then get 15x points!!!!!  What the hell do I want with 15x points?

I would try to explain the reward system, but honestly, I think I would fall asleep before I finished.  The gist is: you get points for every dollar that you spend.  Like 10 points per dollar.  And then you can use those points for rewards.  2000 gets you a $5 Walgreens rewards certificate.  10 points per dollar  means you need to spend $200 to earn that gift certificate.  BUT WHAT ABOUT THE 15x points?????  OK, so you spend $3 bucks on Motrin ( WHY?  I don't know).  So you normally would earn...30 points.  Wow.  But with the amazing 15x points, you earn....450 points.  That would mean you are a quarter ( almost!) of the way to earning $5 bucks!  Instead of instantly earning a $3 RR like everyone else.  No thanks.  This "Rewards System"  requires too much math, and isn't very rewarding at all.

Sorry Wags.  We had a good run, it was fun while it lasted.  Call me when you get your rewards system worked out.  I'll be at Rite-Aid.

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