Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Target Clearance Finds

I found myself in a small town this morning with some time to kill, so I made my way over to the local Target were I found some great clearance deals!
Fresh Step Cat Litter - Clearance $4.74 (regular $9.49) ( This was the only box, or I would have bought a few).
Assets Panty Hose - Clearance $3.75 ( Regular $15.00!) These are the best things ever, made by the creator of Spanx!  I found another pair clearanced at $3.00 at my local Target, but they seem to be sparse.

Suction hooks - .62 cents ( just needed them!)

I also found some Michael Graves cleaning supplies on clearance, and I tried to buy a microfiber mop replacement, but the mobile coupon wouldn't work on it :(  The cashier said it was probably because it was on clearance, but who knows.  Bummer, I was excited about getting a good deal on that.

P.S.  Why was I in a random small town this morning?  Well, let me just say, do as I say, not as I do.  And if you were wondering how NOT to save money, the answer is get a speeding ticket.  (don't do it).

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