Thursday, February 3, 2011

She's back...

I just moved to a new city ( yay!) and have been checking out my new digs.  The sad thing is that I have been so preoccupied with my move and other life stuff that couponing has needed to take the back burner for awhile.  I can't even TELL you the deals I missed.  It hurts too much to think about it.  But, I had bigger fish to fry.

Now that the dust has started to settle, I ventured out to find my nearest couponing spots.  My nearest Albertsons has a Rite aid RIGHT NEXT to it!  How convenient is that?  The Albertsons is tiny, but the Rite Aid is HUGE!  In fact, I'm pretty sure that the Albies and the Rite Aid are about the same size.  Kind of funny.

The only thing I scored at Rite Aid was some cheap wine.  I intended to get some cheap Jif Peanut Butter, but I got there and realized I had forgotten my coupon ( Yes, my brain is still addled from the stress of my recent life).  They even had some in stock!  On a Thursday!  Hopefully when I return tomorrow with my coupon in hand, they will still have some.  Also - I had a problem with a WINE shelf clearer.  WTF?  There was a nice sale on some decent wine, and ALL the Pinot Grigio was gone.  In multiple brands!  Hello?  Leave some for the rest of us girls, don't be greedy.

Anyway, FINALLY I was able to score some deals at Albertsons.  Check out all the REAL FOOD!
Paid: $15.30
SAVED: $23.63

Really good considering how much meat I got.  As I said, I just moved, so I need to stock up on the fresh foods.  Especially protein!

2 Bottom Round Steaks ( $3.63 BOGO)

Pork Sausage ( $3.49)
 -$2 Store Coupon = $1.49

1 Salmon Filet ( $1.00)

1 Tilapia Filet ( $1.00)

2x Albertsons Brand Frozen Peas ( $1.00 Each Sale)
-$1/2 Albertsons Frozen Veggies ( From Heart Healthy Coupon book in store)
= .50 cents each!

Athenos Hummus  ($1.99)
-$1/1 Coupon from HERE

Stouffers Frozen Lasagna ($2.00)
-$1/1 from HERE

2x Orville Popcorn ( $3.29 EACH)
1x 7-Up ($1.25)
1x A&W Root Beer 9 $1.25)
Used in Store coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 Free Popcorn PLUS 2x Free 2 -Liters ( 7-up or A&W)
AND Used .40/1 Orville Popcorn ( In store blinkie)
Paid $2.49 for one popcorn and the rest FREE!

Garlic ( .69 cents)
Ginger Root ( .12 cents)

Thai Kitchen Panang Simmer Sauce ( $3.79)
( No coupon, I just needed dinner!)

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