Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yay, Wags!

I was so unimpressed with this weeks ad at Walgreens that I wasn't even going to go...  It was kind of weird not wanting to run to Wags first thing Sunday morning.  But, last night I saw on Hip2Save that there was a really great deal on Scunci Hair Ties, so I just HAD to go :)  I used the candy as fillers, but it got kind of confusing there for a few minutes at the register, and I sort of ended up with more than I needed.  OK, I'm lying about that part, I mean really, who ever heard of "too much" chocolate?
Paid .08 cents OOP!
2 Bonus Packs of Scunci Hair Ties ($2.99 Each)
3x Reeses Big Cup (sale 3 for $2)
Dove Peanut Butter and Chocolate bar (clearance .62 cents)
-Hair Ties range up BOGO, and then I used the in ad coupon which took off $2.00 - so only paid .99 cents for both packs - plus, they were bonus packs, so I actually got 4 regular sized packs for .99 cents!
- Used the in ad coupon for Reese, making them .49 cents each (took off .53 cents)
- Used 3 RRs, paid .08 cents oop!
Whoops, I didn't really mean to use 3 RRs - I would have only used 1, but my store was out of those perfect little 9 cent highlighters for fillers.  It took me awhile before the cashier realized that the Reeses had an in ad coupon. ( they were marked at .49 cents each, but needed the in ad coupon to get that price).  I had been trying to get my total a little over the $2.00 mark, and it didn't work.  Once we figured it out, I had added in so many filler candies that my total was $3.08 before register rewards!  Ahhh... anyway.  Like I said, no such thing as too much chocolate.  And did I mention I love peanut butter?

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