Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Retail Therapy

Sometimes a girl just has to shop.  Coming up on my one year anniversary of extreme brokeness, and not being able to go shopping just isn't funny anymore (nor was it ever funny, actually).  So, I gathered up my coupons and special deals, and headed to the mall.  What did I get?
1 Pair of Gap 1969 Jeans (reg $69.50 - paid $41.70!)
1 Pair Victorias Secret Cotton Hip Huggers (reg $8.50, paid $0.00!
1 Travel Size Bath and Body Works Lotion (Reg $3.50, paid $1.00!)
1 Bath and Body Works Lip Gloss (reg $8.00, paid $0.00!)

Total would be: $89.50
PAID $42.70
SAVED $46.80!  A savings of 52%.  Not bad for retail

What I used:  Gap has a promotion called recycle your blues - if you bring in an old pair of jeans, you can get 30% off a new pair of 1969 jeans.  Then there is a facebook promo to add an extra 10% if you like them on facebook.  When i got to the store, the jeans were 40% off anyway, so the coupons didn't really matter.

The VS hip huggers were free because of a coupon I got in the mail - no purchase neccesary!

Lastly, I used the Bath and Body Works coupon to get a free lip product with ANY purchase.  So I purchased the new Secret Wonderland Lotion in the travel size which is on promotion for a $1.  Go HERE for that guy.

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