Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hello Wags!

OK, I've been majorly coupon slacking.  All summer.  I know, I get it.  But, it's now fall, and I'm jumping back on the bandwagon.  I ran out to Wags today, thinking they would be out of everything, and I was pleasantly surprised to get most of the things I wanted.  Even the EOS lip balm!  Ok, so here is what I got:
To get My RR's started, I first did two transactions purchasing Nyquil 2/$10, get $5 RR.  I did them separately so that both RRs would print.  I use Nyquil and Dayquil when I am sick (like I am currently), so it's a good idea to stock up on them when they go on sale.  Having an RR deal on top of it is just icing!  I then used my 2 $5 RR's to do the third transaction:

Schick Hydro 3 blade Razor ($7.99 Sale)
Walgreens Honey Bear 12oz ($1.99 w/in ad coupon reg $4.29)
EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm (Sale $3.00)
Act II Single microwave popcorn x 4 (.25 cents each w/in ad coupon reg .99 cents each)

Used $4/1 Schick Hydro from 10/3 SS
2 $5 RRs from Vicks
Paid .27 cents OOP
SAVED: $19.76

GOT $4 RR from Schick, $3 RR from EOS

This was a quickly planned trip, so I did use some RRs on food items ( the popcorn and honey).  There may have been another RR item I could have thrown in there, but the razor and the lip balm were the 2 I was interested in, so I was glad to get those.  When I saw the sale price on the honey I grabbed it, has anyone else noticed how expensive honey has gotten lately?  It must have something to do with the mysterious bee deaths.

 Anyway, I have some great free stuff, and some brand spanking new RR's to use next week.  Bring it on Walgreens!

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Meghan said...

OOPS, I forgot to add that I also got the Russell Stover marshmallow pumpkin as a filler! .29 cents!